DEEBOT OZMO 960: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
The Asian manufacturer has just made the first official presentation in Spain. The reason? The firm ECOVACS has shown us how the DEEBOT OZMO 960 works, a robot vacuum cleaner equipped with artificial intelligence to make a difference with its rivals. Yes, you read correctly: a complete robot cleaner that arrives with integrated AI. A few years ago, having a… (0 comment)

Soundcore Life 2 Bluetooth Headset Review & Price
Soundcore returns to surprise us with new headphones with better battery life, noise cancellation, and an improved design. In this article, we tell you all the essentials about Soundcore Life 2: sound quality, price, specifications and much more. The truth is that many times you pay for the brand, and this is not the case of… (0 comment)

OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 Review, Price, Date
OnePlus may be better known for its smartphones, but Bullets Wireless 2 wireless headphones are proof that the Chinese company is also good at making audio devices. In recent years, OnePlus has been creating a name within the mobile industry. Surprisingly, at the same time, it has also been manufacturing high-quality headphones at a very affordable… (0 comment)

This could be Sony’s Black Friday phone offer without SIM
Sony makes some pretty excellent Android phones with, say, “optimistic prices.” Not that they are too expensive, but like HTC, the company tends to approach Samsung and Apple Prices without the same marketing budget. However, on Black Friday, everything changes, and Sony has cut prices on several of its best phones. Crop cream is this offer on the Sony Xperia XZ2… (0 comment)

How To Turn Samsung Galaxy Into A Smart Speaker
Smart speakers are increasingly fashionable. And taking into account that now Amazon has temporarily lowered the price of its Echo range, it is the best time to get a device of this type. Unless you have an old Samsung Galaxy at home, or any other compatible phone, and want to turn it into a smart speaker. And, to… (0 comment)

Recover Dynamic Transparency Of Top Bar In Ubuntu 19.04
Disco Dingo was released on April 18 and the overall impression is good, mainly because it has improved the fluidity of the operating system. But it has also come with some other change or bug that can reduce the user experience. One of the changes that Ubuntu 19.04 has introduced is that the Dynamic Transparency of the upper bar is no… (0 comment)

Huawei P Smart Z Price, Review & Specifications
Undoubtedly, Huawei is positioned among the best mobile brands in the market. And today he has shown it again since they have presented their new mid-range phone. If you want to know a little more, stay and know the Huawei P Smart Z: features and price. This would be the first phone of the Chinese giant that includes a… (0 comment)

Shotcut 19.04 Latest Version With New Filters
Recently, the developers who are in charge of the Shotcut project have just announced a new version of this video editor, which comes to the Shotcut version 19.04 with new improvements and fixes. For those who still do not know about Shotcut, they should know that this is an excellent, open-source multiplatform video editor , which has a lot of features, including support… (0 comment)

How To Install Shotcut In Ubuntu or Linux
For those who are interested in being able to install this video editor in their system, they should follow the following instructions. The first method to obtain this video editor in the system ( only valid until Ubuntu 18.04 lts ), is adding the repository of the application to our system. For this, we must open a terminal with Ctrl… (0 comment)