20 Best Games For Children [Android]

20 Best Games For Children [Android]
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The world of video games is not only for young people and adults, so Geek Culture brings you the best 20 free games for children to have fun on the tablet or computer. Find out what they are, in this note!

When the consoles and computers appeared in the 1980s, and with them videogames, our parents thought that spending our time in front of these was going to end society as we know it. As expected none of this happened and after 30 years we are still here. But most of the time we talk about the gameplay for the teen and adult market, and we forget the little ones. HighlyTechno did the homework and we selected the 20 best free games for boys and girls to have fun on the tablet, smartphone or computer.

But why would a father or a mother want his little one to play with video games? Different studies showed that games, in their proper measure and with controlled time, is a productive leisure activity. In this list of games you will find that they will promote the skills of the little ones to solve problems and stimulate creativity, that is why we believe that it is better to put your brain to work than to spend hours watching television.


The first meeting of children with technology is almost always through a tablet. For this reason we started the list for this device. In this selection you will find that on the one hand the games for Google have a rating of 3+, so they should be safe for the very young. At Apple games are rated at 4+, with the exception of the Super Stickman Golf 3 and Spaceteam that are for 9+. The games are easy to control, enter and fun to play.


Sago Mini Friends is a sweet minigame that encourages fun time among friends, creativity, dexterity and puzzle solving. With several characters to choose from, children can enter a virtual world, explore a cartoon neighborhood and perform different activities.

With their characters, boys and girls can visit virtually each of the five friends. Just enough to touch the door to be invited to pass and have a very entertaining game date. Among the ten activities they can do, they can help Robin the bird fix his little house, dress up with Junja the cat or enjoy a snack with Harvey the dog.

This game is part of the award-winning series of Sago Mini applications and is recommended for children between 2 and 4 years old. Sago Mini Friends is available for Android and iOS for free. In addition, you do not have purchases within the application, nor third-party advertising.


Everyone who was born in the 80s will remember the beloved LEGO. How many hours do we spend inventing things? But although we would like to have that bucket of bricks in our hands, now children can play with virtual blocks in LEGO Creator Islands .

It is a fun construction simulator where children can explore, discover and play in the different islands. In addition, they can build buildings, boats and many other things with different LEGO sets. The little ones will have to complete missions to unlock islands, where they will know minifigures, monkeys, rabbits, among other creatures; and activities.

LEGO Creator Islands is recommended for children, although adults can also play, and it is available for free for Android and iOS . In addition, as an additional advantage, there is no risk that you step on a plastic brick and have no purchases within the application, or third party advertising.


The products of  Toca Boca intend to exercise the imagination, the playful and creative capacities of the youngest and help them discover the world. Touch Kitchen 2 is no exception, and it is a game that mixes education and fun.

In Toca Kitchen 2 the children will become little chefs where they can follow the recipes or, why not, make their own creations, get dirty and see how the diners react when tasting the food. The mini chefs will have to choose between six different utensils and many ingredients to combine and prepare from a hamburger to put a watermelon in the microwave.

Touch Kitchen 2 is recommended for the little ones and is available for free for Android . As for iOS devices, the game has a cost of $ 2.99 from the iTunes platform . On the other hand, Toca Kitchen 2 has no purchases within the application, nor third-party advertising.


This is perhaps one of the most extravagant games, it’s called Llama Spit Spit and is based on the second season of the famous Nickelodeon series: Game Shakers. In this game you will control a flying flame that will fire a mixture of saliva and high-powered weapons at your animated enemies. The more you eliminate, the more rewards you will receive and go up on the scoreboard.

In Llama Spit Spit the little ones will be able to travel through the crazy worlds of Game Shakers, liberate the LLamageddon against the hipsters bosses and meet dj’s penguins and keyboard cats. In addition, you can unlock unusual flame costumes and get gifts to customize your character.

The game is available for free for Android and iOS. Llama Spit Spit has no purchases within the application, nor any third-party advertising.


The creators of the original Crossy Road, Hipster Whale, thought of the little ones and gave life to the Disney Crossy Road . In this games boys and girls can collect the more than 100 characters from Disney and Pixar, including Mickey, Donald, Buzz Lightyear, Rapunzel, Mufasa and many more.

In this 8-bit adventure players will have to break through crazy obstacles, master the different thematic challenges and reach records to get the different characters. In addition, you can tour the different worlds of Toy Story, Zootrópolis, The Lion King, The Enchanted Mansion, Tangled, Ralph Break, among others.

Disney Crossy Road is available for Android and iOS for free. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the application allows the use of the camera to send and upload photos, it also includes advertising and allows microtransactions, not essential, to buy new characters.


Frisbee Forever 2 is a very original game with a touch of Nintendo that mixes the world of frisbee and roller coasters. Through the different scenarios that the game has, the little ones will be able to glide over erupting volcanoes, fly over snow-covered lands in China or admire their reflection in the rivers of Europe.

In the game, in addition to admiring the landscapes, they should guide their discs through the more than 75 tracks to collect stars, complete missions, describe secrets and level up. In addition, they can collect all the Wham-O Frisbee and expand the collection with unique discs.

Frisbee Forever 2 is available for free for iOS and Android . The game includes advertising and allows microtransactions to unlock discs and zones faster, although it is not essential, because with equal patience will reach them.


In the world of Fruit Ninja your finger becomes a virtual sword, that you must be very careful because you only have to cut fruits and avoid bombs. In this application you can play alone, against other players or in local multiplayer mode. You will also have two modes to choose from: zen, where you will only practice your skills, or arcade, trying to establish the highest score in the ranking.

Get ready to participate in special tournaments and mini-games offered by Fruit Ninja. Collect the blades and dojos that will help you advance through the game, but also, if you enter every day you will get many more rewards.

Fruit Ninja is available for Android and iOS for free. The game includes advertising and has non-essential microtransactions to buy coins for the game.


In Mekorama you will find tiny isometric worlds that you can explore from top to bottom and from left to right with just your finger. This game is a reflective experience that allows the little ones to concentrate, awaken their ingenuity and solve different riddles and puzzles to help the robot reach its goals.

The youngest, or because not the biggest, can work alone or as a team to advance through the 50 levels that Mekorama has incorporated. But that’s not all, since once they finish the different scenarios have the ability to download more online, or create your own.

Mekorama is completely free and available for both Android and iOS . The application includes microtransactions to collaborate with the game developer.


How many like golf? Not many, right? but the Super Stickman Golf 3 makes playing golf a different and fun experience. With the different game modes: single, multiplayer by turns or in real time, you will be able to spend hours in front of the tablet or smartphone traveling the more than 20 fields.

On the other hand, you can choose from 35 unique characters to tour the golf courses and discover power-ups, collectible cards and lots of other surprises. In addition, you will have the possibility to collect the 65 caps that will give more power to your game and show off your throw with more than 40 trails for the ball.

Super Stickman Golf 3 is available for Android and iOS for free. However, the game includes advertising and microtransactions to unlock a premium upgrade, where you’ll have more courses, multiplayer slots for turns and money in the game.


Finally, we have the Spaceteam , a fun game where not so little ones can have fun with their friends by pressing buttons. It is a cooperative game of 2 to 8 players where you must follow the instructions, coordinate and prevent the ship from exploding, all while pursuing a supernova!

Each of the players will randomly receive a control panel with buttons, switches, modulators and plugs. Everyone will have different instructions for what they should communicate, something that will be very fun you will hear girtos like: “someone lights the pendant shunter”, undoubtedly very funny technojerga.

Spaceteam is available for both Android and iOS for free. The game only has a single optional micro transaction that new features and themes.

This was all in terms of games for tablets and smartphones. Of course, this was just a selection of the 10 best games for children in the hundreds and hundreds of apps for these devices.


But now let’s move on to computer games, just as for tablets and cell phones, we select 10 gameplay that kids can enjoy at home. Within this top you will find free and paid games, although for a very cheap price, to play online, from Google Chrome and do not require the installation of any plug-in, or to download and install on the PC.


One of the first homemade video games was the Pong, based on the sport of table tennis was created by Nolan Bushnell and was launched on November 29, 1972 for the first generation of video consoles: Atari. The Cube Slam is the new Pong but for the 3D browser. There you can play against a bear or a friend.

In the Cube Slam you must face your opponent, to win you must move the bat from left to right to deflect the cuboid ‘ball’ and thus break the shields. If you win enough the game will begin to complicate and introduce power-ups, invisible balls and extra blocks on the table that will cause the ball to bounce unpredictably.

Cube Slam is available to play online and does not require any installation.


If you have a little one who likes to draw an ideal game for this is the Quick, Draw. A fascinating game that will free all your ingenuity, not only will your imagination work but you will also learn.

The rules are simple, activate the sound, read the slogan and get ready to draw. The application will tell you what to draw, then the clock will start running and you will have 20 seconds to get going. The app will try to guess, if you get it you will win.

Quick, Draw is an online game , totally free and does not require any type of installation.


If there is something that we all play some time is the Pac-Man, one of the most recognizable and iconic games of the 80s. But in fact the original game is simple enough so that younger children can understand it. However, in the long run its labyrinth becomes boring, but with this version of World’s Biggest Pac-Man, the largest in the world, you’ll have hours and hours of fun.

The World’s Biggest Pac-Man gathers hundreds of interconnected labyrinths, you can sneak out of the ghosts by four exits that will take you to a new screen. When entering you will have two ways to play, just for fun or connect the facebook account to keep track of your score and see what position you occupy in the ranking.

World’s Biggest Pac-Man is free, is available to play through the browser and does not require any installation.


The Forget-Me-Not is that as a base it takes the Pac-Man and a lot of other old arcade games, but adds a modicum of modernity with the neon lights. A simple game where children will have to go through the different labyrinths, take the key and get to the exit to go to another map.

But although it seems very simple, it has its difficulty. Players must cross the screen trying not to die at the hands of the inhabitants of the labyrinths, who apparently are determined to value one against another, but will also face you. There is no doubt that it will be very funny and strident.

Once again, it’s simple enough for any child to understand: march through the labyrinths, grab a key and get to the exit. But the chaotic nature of the game (the inhabitants of the labyrinth seem so determined to blow each other up as if it were trying to confront the player) ensures that it is relentless and strident fun.

Forget-Me-Not is a game to download and is available for Windows, Mac, OpenPandora and MorphOS. It’s totally free and easy to install.


Little Alchemy 2 is a game that tries to be educational and try to free reasoning and concentration. It is a videogame where you will be in a laboratory and you must pair and discover. In the beginning, you will have a handful of elements to combine and create new things, then you will have many more options to create.

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From mixing water with water to form a puddle to combine the metal with a pigeon to get a plane, are some of the possibilities that our little alchemist will have. Undoubtedly, it is a game that will awaken the ingenuity and creativity of children.

Little Alchemy 2 is available to play for free and online from the browser and does not require the installation of any plug-in.


There is nothing that requires more concentration than a puzzle, but we do not talk about pieces that make up an image, but to avoid different obstacles to reach the end. In Contre Jour, you must get the protagonist, Petit, to cross hills, hang from lianas or catapult from ropes to pass the level.

To be able to take Petit in the end you will have to manipulate the earth, drag the lianas and many other things. Of course, you must test your ingenuity and your friends to pass each of the scenarios, but we warn you, as you advance the difficulty will grow.

Contre Jour is available to play online from the browser, does not require any installation and is totally free.


This peculiar game called Escape Goat we have a goat as protagonist, this little jumping friend all he wants is to get to the exit. That requires intelligence, many jumps, great skill and the occasional help of our friendly companion, the mouse.

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During our adventure through the different screens we will have to reach the objectives, activate switches that will move rocks to create tunnels and pick up the key that will allow us to exit. However, you will have to be careful not to crush the walls when they start to move.

Escape Goat is available to play online for free. On the other hand, the video game also has a paid version, has a value of 16.99 pesos, and can be downloaded from Steam .


If you want to feel all Indiana Jones this game is ideal for adults and children. In Spelunky you will become an adventurer, dive into caves while jumping, collecting jewels and getting rid of the monsters.

Each game is unique, the caves are generated randomly and a single mistake could cause you to end up stuck in the spikes or poisoned by a snake bite. So you recommended that you be very careful where you step and look very well before jumping.

Spelunky is available to play online for free, or you can download Spelunky 1.1 for Windows or Spelunky 1.3 for Windows and Mac. Another option is to purchase the complete game through Steam for a value of 35.99 pesos with which you can play with 4 friends and enjoy more than 72 scenarios.


The VVVVVV: Make and Play Edition is a game is perhaps for children who are a bit bigger and not so small . This video game is a free version of the gravity platform VVVVVVVV where you have to escape from a maze full of traps and enemies.

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In this free version you will not only find classic maps, but also includes scenarios created by fans, so it is almost impossible to know what you will find. But besides, you can not only escape your enemies, but you can also create your own levels to challenge yourself.

VVVVVVV: Make and Play Edition is a game to download and install. It is available for free for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Arriving at the end of the list we have Super Crate Box , again in the 8 bits you will become a small character with which you will have to jump to catch the boxes. Of course, you also have to prevent the creatures from reaching the surface by making them explode. A fast game, entertaining and with a lot of adrenaline. You can also unlock a lot of weapons and scenarios to play.

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Super Crate Box is totally free and can be downloaded from the Steam page to play on both Windows and Mac and Linux.

Undoubtedly there is a wide variety of video games to choose and keep children entertained, and why not, to young people and adults as well . What was your favorite?

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