Android Q Supports Actions Similar To iPhone’s 3D Touch

Android Q Supports Actions Similar To iPhone’s 3D Touch
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Even after Samsung abandoned the screens that are able to identify the touch pressure on the Galaxy S10, Google decided that it would be interesting to take this ability to Android and natively. The information appeared in documents for Android Q and is still in the initial testing phase.

The document found demonstrates the reaction of the operating system with user interaction, whether in a simple touch, with a stylus, mouse and a new definition called “deep press”. “The current event stream represents the user by pressing the screen more forcefully and intentionally. This sort of rating should be used to accelerate the behavior of pressing for a long time, “the document says.

This type of interaction became famous with the 3D Touch of the iPhone and that delivers the entire front of the device in a layer of screen that can identify the pressure exerted, delivering an extra form of experience of use. On the iPhone the hardware needs to have support for the technology, but it’s still unclear if this will be true for Android Q either – or if Google has some upside-down card that uses conventional screens to detect pressure.

Samsung even delivered a pressure sensitive area on the Galaxy S8, kept the feature on the S9 and completely abandoned in the recent S10. No other large company like Motorola, LG and Sony use something similar in their smartphones – nor in the more expensive models.

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