5 Ways How To Connect Phone To TV
Connecting your phone to your TV is not as difficult as it sounds: today we have a good amount of media that allow you to share videos, photos or even the entire screen of your mobile device on your television, regardless of whether it is an iPhone or an Android. How To Change The Quality Of Video Recording on… (0 comment)

How To Change The Quality Of Video Recording on iPhone
Since making several generations of iPhone the quality of the video has increased considerably to the point of being able to record videos in 4K. However, it is very likely that this is not what you need, or yes. There is no doubt that each user is different and that is why we must choose the right quality of… (0 comment)

How To Fix iTunes Error 9006 [iPhone]
It is possible that many of you have already forgotten, but some time ago, before the OTA updates came to iOS, people were forced to use iTunes to update their devices to the latest version available. This caused in many cases (and I know from my own experience), that users took too long to update, or that they… (0 comment)

How To Charge iPhone Wirelessly With iQi
The wireless induction charging for the iPhone we talk a lot but so far it’s a little Arlesian. The new models follow each other and we still do not see anything coming. Today we offer you a solution to charge your iPhone wireless induction less than 3380 rupees. Wireless charging is waiting on the iPhone The technology wireless… (0 comment)

Compatible Devices With AirPods & How To Use Them
Are you thinking about buying an Apple AirPods headset and you wonder what you can use them with? We will answer all your questions. We examined in this report all the devices with which AirPods are compatible, including iPhones, Apple Watch, Apple TV and compatible Mac equipment. We have also tested them with Android terminals and Android… (0 comment)

20 Best Games For Children [Android]
The world of video games is not only for young people and adults, so Geek Culture brings you the best 20 free games for children to have fun on the tablet or computer. Find out what they are, in this note! When the consoles and computers appeared in the 1980s, and with them videogames, our parents… (0 comment)

Best PS4 Games 2019 [Paid]
Check the list of recommendations of the best games for PS4 that you can buy this year 2019. We bring you all genres, both exclusive for PS4, and many other multiplatform that you can enjoy on any device. If there is something that makes a certain console or platform great, it is the games or… (0 comment)

How To Send A Fax From The Mobile
The technology not to move forward, and may think that in an era where instant messaging queen is almost impossible for anyone using the fax. But the truth is that many companies continue to enjoy this service. However, we must accept that it does not offer the convenience of being able to send a message anytime and anywhere from… (0 comment)

How To Use A VPN On Xbox One
It may not be as easy as on a computer or a mobile, but there are at least three ways to install and use a VPN on your Xbox One. We explain how to activate a virtual private network on your video game console to access blocked content. VPNs, or virtual private networks, are increasingly… (0 comment)