How To Download Apps Over 150MB On iPhone
It is very common if you are a user of iPhone smartphones that you receive an error when you try to download an application of more than 150MB through the data of the phone. It really is not an error in itself, but a notification so that iOS users do not accidentally use their entire monthly data allowance with downloads.… (0 comment)

25 Best Free & Paid Games For Android
These are the best free Android games. If you have questions about what games you can download on your Android smartphone, do not miss our guide with a selection of the best free Android games of all time. There are thousands of compilations on the Internet of the best games for Android, so what makes ours… (0 comment)

How To Watch Apple TV On Mac
Apple TV has an ingenious interface to see all kinds of content on the big screen of your TV, including streaming video from Netflix, HBO, Amazon or transmissions from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. How can you see it on your Mac? Follow this tutorial to know how to do it. Apple TV is a useful gadget if you… (0 comment)

How To Start A Blog : All About Blogging
Today I want to tell you how to start blogging. If you want to get a new source of income or even completely change your life, then be sure to consider creating your own blog. Its advantage over social media accounts – for many years, published articles will attract readers, but a post on a social network… (0 comment)

How To Check Internet Connection Speed On Android
Do you need to constantly monitor the actual speed of your mobile internet connection? Well, you are in the right place. The application we will present today will allow you to insert a connection speed indicator in the status bar of your Android smartphone. This is a simple and effective way to always keep an eye on your… (0 comment)

How To Create First Story On Instagram
Unless you have completely deserted social networks for several months, you could not escape the tornado Story. This ephemeral format initially launched on Snapchat has gradually conquered all social networks and more particularly Instagram. This step-by-step guide offers you five key steps for publishing your very first Story on Instagram. What is an Instagram Story? Launched in… (0 comment)

Nubia Alpha Reviews, Date, Price, Specifications
After surprising us with the folding phones like the Huawei Mate X and the Samsung Galaxy Fold , we have again surprised with the Nubia Alpha, a device that offers a totally different mobile experience than what we are used to. Read here Nubia Alpha reviews before you go to buy this. The Nubia Alpha is essentially a smartwatch with a… (0 comment)

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+ Reviews, Price, Specifications
Today is the 10th. As every year since the last nine, Samsung has brought together the press and professionals of the technology sector in an amphitheater to celebrate their particular Unpacked event and present several new products. However, today’s has been a much more special event. Today the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +, the mobile phones that… (0 comment)

How To Use Dark Mode In Chrome On Mac
With macOS Mojave, Apple introduced the dark mode in its operating system. It is also possible to use Google Chrome with a darker interface if you have a Mac computer or a MacBook laptop. We explain how. If your favorite web browser to use on your Mac or MacBook is Google Chrome, you may be… (0 comment)

How To Answer & Make A Call On Apple Watch
One of the great innovations offered by the Apple Watch has been the ability to answer and make calls from the watch without having to access the iPhone. We tell you step by step how to do it and compatible Apple Watch. Although it may seem like science fiction or taken from a Dick Tracy movie of the… (0 comment)