4 Best Windows Phones 2019
Although the Windows Phone support offered by Microsoft will expire very soon, there are still some users who are clinging to use them despite the scarce marketing offer. We show you the best you can buy and if it really is a good purchase. Windows Phone, renamed over the years as Windows 10 Mobile, officially came… (0 comment)

What Do Bar Codes Work?
Bar codes are present in the lives of all of us, and we end up wondering how they work every time we go to the supermarket. How do those black lines identify a product? Do they only work in that supermarket or anywhere in the world? Let’s find out in the next few lines. Black and white Explaining… (0 comment)

Apple To Buy Intel 5G Chip Business
Before signing an agreement with Qualcomm, Apple considered buying the chip division of smartphones from Intel, according to information released on Friday by the Wall Street Journal. Negotiations were halted as Qualcomm and Apple discussed a deal. Last week, the iPhones maker gave in and got a licensing agreement, in addition to signing a chipset supply contract for several years.… (0 comment)

Review LG Gram 17: Price, Specifications
LG expands the family of Gram notebooks with two new models: the LG Gram 17, which is positioned as the lightest in its category with only 1.3 kg, and the LG Gram 14, a new convertible 2 in 1 with touch screen and Wacom AES 2.0 digital pen. After a quick contact and waiting to… (0 comment)

Best Security Cameras For Your Home 2019
If you are looking for security in your home, maybe you can find the solution in a security camera for your home. In this article, we offer you a guide with the best security cameras for your home so you can feel much safer or safer. In recent years the purchase of security cameras for the… (0 comment)

How To Remove Instagram’s Search History
If you are no longer interested in the accounts and hashtags that appear in the Instagram search section, we’ll show you how to remove Instagram’s history forever. No one will know what you’ve been looking for. Although it may not always seem so, privacy should be a primary element in the life of anyone who surfs… (0 comment)

Top 10 Best UX Tools For Designers
These are the main tools used by web designers for prototyping, production phases, design and usability tests in different screen sizes and platforms. Trial versions and prices of the full versions of these UX tools. As the development of new applications grows, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) type design tools have acquired a greater… (0 comment)

Samsung Galaxy View 2: Tablet Review, Price
We are at a time when large-screen terminals are imposed on the rest, and a clear example of what we say is that smartphones now reach six inches as usual. Well, the tablets seem to be looking to move this trend with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy View 2. The first generation of this product range may have arrived… (0 comment)

Oppo Reno Review, Price 2019: First Impression
We were able to try the Oppo Reno during its launch in Zurich. Waiting to be able to analyze it in more depth, these are our first impressions about its design, cameras, and screen. In an event that took place in Zurich this April 24, Oppo has presented its new smartphones to the European market and PCWorld Spain has had the… (0 comment)