Best PS4 Games 2019 [Paid]

Best PS4 Games 2019 [Paid]
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Check the list of recommendations of the best games for PS4 that you can buy this year 2019. We bring you all genres, both exclusive for PS4, and many other multiplatform that you can enjoy on any device.

If there is something that makes a certain console or platform great, it is the games or titles developed and adapted for it. For this reason, we wanted to gather on this occasion the best games for PS4 of 2019, including those that are to come.

From PUBG, to God of War and Far Cry 5, through Red Dead Redemption 2. Here is our complete selection of the best PS4 games available for this 2019, whether it’s adventures, fighting games, first-person games, car races or simulators.

If you want to know the best games that will lead this 2019 around Playstation 4, read on. You can also check 25 Best Free & Paid Games For Android.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

  • PVP: $ 59.99

We are facing an adventure of the Western genre, which could well be defined as a real cowboy simulator , in fact it is a sequel, since its plot begins in 1899, a few years before the events of the previous game.

The great novelty of Red Dead Redemption 2 is that now the story is starring a new character, Arthur Morgan, an outlaw who after a failed robbery flee with his band to the mountains, although a heavy snow storm forces them to take refuge.

Regarding the gameplay, the title follows a dynamic very similar to that of the first Red Dead Redemption, since you will find main missions that make us advance in history, as well as many other secondary that are optional.

Recently an update has been released with Red Dead Online, nothing less than multiplayer, a bet to ensure maximum entertainment when you want to share games with your closest friends.

2. Metro Exodus

  • PVP: $ 59.99

The new installment of the 4A Games franchise tells the story of a first-person shooter that, in order to survive, must wander through a world that puts us in 2036, facing frantic combat against mutant beasts and paranormal horrors.

Regarding its gameplay, the mechanics of the game have not changed much with respect to past deliveries, although you will find some adjustments and additions that make it a more graphical interface.

We have observed that in the graphic section, there are extensive scenarios with many details and good lighting effects. These graphics bring out the best in the Playstation 4 but it is always possible to recreate an improved environment if you have the PC version with an appropriate configuration.

Metro Exodus is the most ambitious title of the franchise that debuted in the middle of last February, and which, was announced in the last edition of Microsoft’s E3 conference, for its availability also for the Xbox One platform.

3. God of War

  • PVP: $ 59.99

After a big break of just over eight years, the developer SIE Worldwide Studios decided last year to launch a new edition of God of War, a title that has already become one of the most acclaimed games on the PS4 platform.

Proof of this was how after the first three days had elapsed since its launch, the global sales of God of War surpassed 3.1 million units, a milestone within the platform of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

If we had to highlight some aspect of this masterpiece over the rest it would be the combat system deployed, with a frankly extraordinary setting. Our only complaint is to have changed the voice of its protagonist Kratos with respect to previous editions.

4. FIFA 19

  • RRP: £ 49.99

You can not miss the recommendation of the soccer simulator par excellence, FIFA 19, which this year incorporates new local tournaments from each country, as well as major competitions, such as the incorporation of the UEFA Champions League.

Year after year, we see how the graphic section of FIFA is improving in order to recreate the faces of the players and their gestures or celebrations. Not all are at the same level, since it is something that focuses mainly on the stars, but is very successful.

At first glance it may seem that it has not changed much with respect to past deliveries, but once placed at the controls of your PS4, you will discover that its gameplay has improved a lot with a variety of management modes, from beginners to amateur.

5. Far Cry 5

  • PVP: $ 49.99

Ubisoft takes us to the United States with Far Cry 5, where we join the Resistance to fight against a fanatical sect. The new installment of the acclaimed series of first-person action games, bet again on the formula that has worked so well.

It is a very conservative game, although care has been taken to the smallest detail and certain aspects have been refined to make you feel in a different world.

You also have the multiplayer mode, which is divided into two modes: all against all and battle for teams. A detail that we liked a lot is that there is a system of level rise so that everything you get previously you will keep it.

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