Best Security Cameras For Your Home 2019

Best Security Cameras For Your Home 2019
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If you are looking for security in your home, maybe you can find the solution in a security camera for your home. In this article, we offer you a guide with the best security cameras for your home so you can feel much safer or safer.

In recent years the purchase of security cameras for the home has increased. The main reason? The security that you can feel when you know that everything that happens inside your house is under control even when you are not there.

These security cameras for the home usually can connect to a Wi-Fi network, thanks to what you can see the images that are recorded from your smartphone or mobile phone.

Before you get scared thinking about how complex it can be to install a security camera system in your home, you should know that these cameras are designed for the average user, that is, they are very easy to install, so you do not have to worry

What happens if they come in to steal and to protect their identity they also steal the camera? Well, they will also be in a mess, since there are cameras that use cloud storage systems so that not a single recorded image is lost.

If you are wanting to acquire one of these security cameras, read on to know which are the best models of the moment.  

But, before continuing, do not miss our purchase guide: what features must be taken into account before choosing a security camera for the home?

How to choose a security camera for the home

Most home security cameras are capable of performing the same functions: detect movement, record it and send you an alert. However, not all do it in the same way.

You should know that security cameras for the home are usually divided into two types: those that record only when they detect movement, and those that record continuously. Some cameras can even be used outdoors.

We recommend, before buying a security camera, to take into account the following aspects, and weigh how important they are for you.

1. Alerts: it is important that the camera is able to send alerts to your phone (or several phones even) when it detects movement.

This is the only way you can be aware of anything that happens in your home in real time without having to continually watch the video.

2. Cloud recording: Many companies offer cloud storage systems when they purchase their security camera. The video is recorded directly on a server in the cloud.

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Think that there will be many hours of recording, so we think that this system may be very necessary. Also, keep in mind that some brands charge you an extra subscription for this service.

3. Facial Recognition: Some brands, such as Netatmo or Nest, offer the facial recognition tool so that alerts are triggered only when the camera does not recognize the individual who is recording.

4. Storage: Many of these cameras have slots so you can insert memory cards and store the recordings in them.

It is also a highly recommended option, especially if you want to save yourself having to pay for a cloud storage system. However, if they enter to steal and also take the camera, the evidence of the theft will disappear with it.

That is why brands like Ezviz offer in the same security camera the two services: cloud storage and locally. 

5. App: the latest camera models can be accessed through tablets or smartphones thanks to an app designed exclusively.

This type of apps, in addition to allowing you to see live what the camera is recorded, usually let you carry out some settings, stop or activate the recording, detect movement, etc. 

6. Motion sensor: This is one of the most important features in a security camera. It is necessary that the camera has sensors that allow you to detect strange or unusual movements to be able to send you the opportune alerts.

Some cameras can even differentiate people, animals or cars, everything will depend on the degree of detection sensitivity that their sensors have. 

7. Night vision: it is common for robberies to take place at night, so we think that night vision is a tool almost as important as motion detection.

The cameras with night vision that we have included in this article are able to switch to night mode automatically when it gets dark, although you can also set an exact time if you prefer.

8. Panning, tilt, rotation: You can usually manually adjust the tilt you want on your camera so you can capture exactly the space you want in the video. 

A good security camera will be able to pan or tilt through the application according to the indications that you give yourself. 

9. Resolution: if your security camera records blurry images, it is useless to have it installed. Try to find the camera that offers the best resolution at the best price.

Keep in mind that many 1080p cameras will reduce their quality to 720p when uploading files to the cloud. In most cases, it is only the cameras that have a local storage capacity that benefits from those extra megapixels.

10. Programming: if the security camera has this option, you can program when it is turned on or off, or choose to only send alerts at specific times.

It can be very useful, for example, to schedule to notify you when your children come home. It also reduces the number of false alerts.

11. Bidirectional audio: although normally the task of security cameras is based on recording image, it can be very useful also to record sound.

It will help you to know with all the accuracy of the world what happens in your house when you are not there. This tool also allows you to speak through the camera, which can be very useful if you see a thief and decide to give him a good scare.

12. Angle of vision: this will determine how much your camera can see. Some models have a wider viewing angle than others, so keep that in mind. 

The best security cameras for the home

1. Netatmo Presence

  • RRP: $ 299.99

The Netatmo Presence model is the first security camera model that we tested that also works as a light source.

Its installation is very simple and its performance is optimal. It can detect people, animals and cars up to 65 feet away, sending alerts to your mobile phone or even your Apple Watch.  

It is somewhat more expensive than other cameras, but we must bear in mind that the adjustable LED reflectors that the Netatmo Presence has are not cheap.

Also, you will not have to pay any kind of extra monthly subscription, nor will you have to spend on an SD card (since it has a built-in one).

The Netatmo Presence security camera can be configured to save the images recorded on Dropbox or on another cloud storage server.

2. Ezviz Mini 360 Plus

  • RRP: US $ 79.99

Although Ezviz is not a well-known brand, it is necessary to pay attention to its products.

 The Ezviz Mini 360 Plus is capable, as its name suggests, to rotate 360 ​​degrees to get a complete view of the room in which the camera is placed.

 In addition to being able to control your rotation remotely from an application for your mobile, the camera will rotate automatically when it detects movement.

 For the little money it costs (compared to other security cameras obviously), the Ezviz Mini 360 Plus has tools such as Wi-Fi, a 1080p sensor, audio outputs and night vision.

 As a defect we can point out that the video quality is not very good and that it does not have a free cloud storage service.

3. Netgear Arlo Q

  • RRP: $ 219.99

The Arlo Q model is a security camera option that has impressed us with its features: bidirectional audio, 1080 HD camera with 130 degrees of vision, cloud storage, night vision … The Netgear Arlo Q offers a lot for the price it has.

 Its installation is also quite simple: you only have to plug in the camera, download the application and write your data to obtain a QR code that you will have to share with the camera. When you share the code, everything will happen automatically.

 Unlike some of its competitors, the Arlo Q is compatible with the 5GHz frequency of Wi-Fi, in addition to the more common 2.4 GHz. Thanks to this feature, you can access images from the live camera much more quickly.

There are Arlo Q applications available for Android, iOS and even for FireOS, although if you prefer, you can also access the images through a web browser from your computer or your Mac.

4. Reolink Argus 2

  • RRP: $ 129.99

May Argus camera 2 does not offer 4K, although this is a rather dispensable requirement surveillance cameras.

What you get when you buy this product is a versatile security camera that you can use inside or outside the house and that is still cheaper than that of many rivals despite the price increase.

Reolink has made a very welcome change: a rechargeable battery and the optional solar panel that makes it even better.

The camera itself offers a decent set of specifications and features that include 1080p transmission, a microSD card slot, smart sensors, bidirectional audio and night vision. There is not much more we can ask for.

5. Logi Circle 2

  • PVP: $ 179.99

Logi Circle 2 is the latest intelligent security camera from the Logitech brand. This new model offers you 1080p videos, advanced motion detection and a wide range of compatible accessories.

We want to highlight the elegance of the Logi Circle 2 design, something that clearly stands out among its competitors. Elegant, aesthetic and small, its circular shape in black and white will go unnoticed.

You can choose between the model with cables or without cables. The cable version comes with a cable of 3 m in length, while the wireless version comes with a battery and a short cable to charge it.

 In addition to recording in 1080p, its lenses reach up to 180 degrees of vision, thanks to which you can monitor a larger space than with another security camera (with the exception of the Ezviz Mini 360 Plus).

6. Canary Flex

  • RRP: $ 199

We were already impressed with the Canary Indoor interior version, launched by this same company in 2016. Its latest version of Canary Flex outdoor security camera has fascinated us again.

This waterproof security camera records during the day and night in 1080p through its lenses with a viewing angle of 116 degrees.

It will be advisable, in this case, to pay a subscription to be able to make use of all its tools (as it happened with the previous model).

The design of the Canary Flex, besides being tremendously aesthetic, shows resistance and durability, something essential in an outdoor camera.

In conclusion: the Flex security camera seems a very good purchase option. Easy to install, it does exactly what is expected of a security camera: monitor what happens in your home through good quality videos.

The biggest mistake seems to us its price, which must be added the payment subscription.

7. Somfy One

Somfy One is the first security camera model manufactured by Somfy. It also offers a large number of advanced security tools that will be able to protect your home completely (at a higher price than previous models obviously).

 It is not exactly the cheapest model on the market, in fact, it is one of the most expensive. That’s why the Somfy One security camera offers more tools (and better quality) than other cheaper models.

 Among these tools we can highlight a built-in 90 dB siren, and its ability to create an ecosystem making your home completely protected by a security system.

 Although it is not large, its design is quite robust. It is only available in black. Its design does not allow you to adjust the angle, thus limiting the spaces that your camera can record.

 However, the quality of your camera, its precise motion sensor and all its advanced options, make it a good purchase option if you have a high budget and you want to create a complete security system in your home.

8. Ring Stick Up Cam

  • PVP: $ 248.99

The Ring Stick Up Cam is a great option for those looking for a smart outdoor security camera.

Thanks to its design, installation is very simple, even for those with little or no DIY experience, and the built-in battery means there is no need for cables.

While the video is limited to 720p HD, the overall quality is excellent and night vision is more than enough for most gardens. Ring’s motion detection feature goes far beyond what the competition offers with advanced “zone” detection, and alerts you on your smartphone , tablet or PC.

The battery life is not perfect, but you have the option to connect a solar panel or plug it into a power source if charging every 6/8 weeks is not a useful option for you.

9. EufyCam E

  • RRP: $ 399.99

The EufyCam E is a new security camera system from Eufy, a sub-brand of the best-known Anker. This particular package comes with two cameras, the necessary hub and the mounting kit , but you can add a total of 16 cameras, offering full coverage of your home and surroundings, thanks to IP65 waterproofing.

It is a wireless system, so its battery life of up to 365 days impresses. We are also attracted by the option of free local storage for recordings, the free mobile application for live remote transmission and push notifications, and the integrated compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Being aware of what is happening at home could not be easier.

The daytime recordings are clear with a resolution of 1080p and a wide-angle view of 140 degrees, while the integrated night vision helps you monitor events in the dark. With bidirectional audio you can hear and see, and converse with those captured by the camera.

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