Is your Windows 10 computer infected? 3 highly recommended online antivirus

Is your Windows 10 computer infected? 3 highly recommended online antivirus
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While it is true that Windows Defender, the native antivirus in Windows 10, is really complete, there are times when to stay calmer, it is an excellent idea to bet on other solutions. The problem is that many of these programs saturate the memory of our computer. The solution? Bet on a good online antivirus.

And, one of the biggest advantages of online antivirus is that they do not require any type of installation. In this way, you will only need an Internet connection to verify that your PC or laptop is working properly. The best? That you will not have compatibility problems, regardless of whether you use Windows 10 or any other version of the Microsoft operating system, these free antivirus will work perfectly.

Virustotal, ideal if you do not trust a particular file

We started this compilation talking about one of the best online antivirus we can find. And, VirusTotal has a complete database. Of course, this web page is oriented if you want to analyze a single file. Ideal for those downloads of dubious origin from which you want to make sure that there is no trap inside.

It works really fast and is very effective; has become one of the solutions most used by users to scan single files, so we recommend you try it through this link.

ESET Online Scanner

One of the best options if you want to know if you have a virus in Windows 10 is ESET Online Scanner. We are talking about a service from one of the most prestigious companies in the sector. Of course, even if it’s online, you need to download an executable file to start the whole process. The best? That, as in the paid version, you can quarantine files or delete them, and even choose the type of scan you prefer to perform.

Given that requires no installation, it is simply an executable, we recommend you download ESET Online Scanner to through this link and always have it on hand if you need it.

Panda Cloud Cleaner

Undoubtedly, another highly recommended option if you are looking for a complete solution to scan your PC or laptop in search of infected files is Panda Cloud Cleaner. In this case, and just as with ESET Online Scanner, you need to download an executable file to be able to use it.

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Of course, unlike the other online antivirus, in this case, you will have to install it on your computer to run the free version of one of the best systems in the sector. But, considering that it is compatible with Windows 10 and previous versions, you will have no problem when trying it through this link.

As you may have seen, it is not necessary to have an antivirus installed on your computer to be calm in the face of possible threats. And if you have Windows 10 , always have Windows Defender activated, use Virustotal to analyze a single file whenever you have doubts about its origin and, from time to time, run the free and online versions of ESET and Panda to stay calmer.

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