How To Remove Malicious File From Computer
If you suspect that your computer or laptop has been infected by a virus, you may be interested to know that the solution may be to get rid of a malicious file individually. We explain how. Deleting a malicious file from your computer manually is a fairly simple process, but you should know that before doing… (0 comment)

How To Create, Change, Reset, Delete Apple ID
Do not have an Apple ID yet? Do you need to change the linked mail? have you forgotten your password? We resolve these and many other questions about your Apple ID account. The ID of Apple is that account linked to all your Apple devices and that allows you, among other things, to buy an application in the… (0 comment)

How To Delete Apps On Apple TV
We explain how to remove unwanted applications from your Apple TV, or hide them if your Apple TV does not allow their removal. In this simple tutorial we show you how to remove unwanted applications from your Apple TV through the home screen or configuration. Keep in mind that these methods work on Apple TV 2015 and… (0 comment)

Root Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ & S10e With Magisk
Surely the Android scene does not have the strength of a few years ago, but it continues to drag many users to root their phones and install alternative ROMs. And the new lucky ones are the users of Samsung’s new range bumpers, since we can root the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e, now with… (0 comment)

How To Hide Apps On iPhone
Sometimes you need to do so that one or another application icon temporarily disappears from the device screen. For example, in order to avoid running it as a child. Or if you plan to give the device to someone for temporary use. And you can do this with the help of iOS itself, without the installed jailbreak. If… (0 comment)

How To Activate Application Drawer On Huawei Mobile
The smartphone interface of the Chinese manufacturer Huawei based on Android does not have an application drawer. Many users regret this choice. If like them you can not get used to this new mode of display, we reveal to you today a trick to activate the drawer of applications on a device Huawei. View the application drawer… (0 comment)

How To Watch YouTube Videos On Nintendo Switch
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How To Use Opera’s Built-in VPN On Android
The latest version of the Opera browser integrates a free and unlimited VPN service to surf safely on the internet wherever you are. It’s one of the best tools to secure your data and protect your privacy without the need to install a third-party application. Here’s everything you need to know about the Opera Browser VPN. Opera’s… (0 comment)

How To Activate Parental Control on YouTube
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