Recover Dynamic Transparency Of Top Bar In Ubuntu 19.04
Disco Dingo was released on April 18 and the overall impression is good, mainly because it has improved the fluidity of the operating system. But it has also come with some other change or bug that can reduce the user experience. One of the changes that Ubuntu 19.04 has introduced is that the Dynamic Transparency of the upper bar is no… (0 comment)

Shotcut 19.04 Latest Version With New Filters
Recently, the developers who are in charge of the Shotcut project have just announced a new version of this video editor, which comes to the Shotcut version 19.04 with new improvements and fixes. For those who still do not know about Shotcut, they should know that this is an excellent, open-source multiplatform video editor , which has a lot of features, including support… (0 comment)

How To Install Shotcut In Ubuntu or Linux
For those who are interested in being able to install this video editor in their system, they should follow the following instructions. The first method to obtain this video editor in the system ( only valid until Ubuntu 18.04 lts ), is adding the repository of the application to our system. For this, we must open a terminal with Ctrl… (0 comment)

Linux 5.1-rc7 Update Preparing For Official Release
These weeks are being unusual in terms of information and releases, something that is so because we have spent the holidays of Easter and Easter. Who never rests is Linus Torvalds, something we mentioned when we published the release of v5.1-rc6 of the Linux kernel. At that time we said that the kernel was bigger than usual, but this… (0 comment)

Chrome OS 74 With Unified Google Assistant
As usual, after the release of a new version of Chrome Browser comes to a new version of the operating system with the same name. We are talking about Chrome OS 74, a version that started arriving yesterday to compatible devices that, officially, are the Chromebooks and the newest Pixelbooks. The arrival is being gradual, so users who have not yet seen… (0 comment)

How To Install Gitlab On Server With Ubuntu
A few weeks ago we learned of the sudden purchase of GitHub by Microsoft. A controversial purchase that many defend as if they had done it or criticize it harshly as if it were the advent of the fall of Free Software. Personally I do not believe or defend either of the two positions but it is true… (0 comment)

How To Download rTorrent From Command Line
In the next article we are going to take a look at rTorrent. Using torrents is an excellent and efficient way to share files. It will allow us, through the client in turn, to have such useful options as the ability to pause the downloads, establish upload / download speed limits or manage multiple downloads efficiently. This… (0 comment)