DEEBOT OZMO 960: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
The Asian manufacturer has just made the first official presentation in Spain. The reason? The firm ECOVACS has shown us how the DEEBOT OZMO 960 works, a robot vacuum cleaner equipped with artificial intelligence to make a difference with its rivals. Yes, you read correctly: a complete robot cleaner that arrives with integrated AI. A few years ago, having a… (0 comment)

This could be Sony’s Black Friday phone offer without SIM
Sony makes some pretty excellent Android phones with, say, “optimistic prices.” Not that they are too expensive, but like HTC, the company tends to approach Samsung and Apple Prices without the same marketing budget. However, on Black Friday, everything changes, and Sony has cut prices on several of its best phones. Crop cream is this offer on the Sony Xperia XZ2… (0 comment)

Linux 5.1-rc7 Update Preparing For Official Release
These weeks are being unusual in terms of information and releases, something that is so because we have spent the holidays of Easter and Easter. Who never rests is Linus Torvalds, something we mentioned when we published the release of v5.1-rc6 of the Linux kernel. At that time we said that the kernel was bigger than usual, but this… (0 comment)

Chrome OS 74 With Unified Google Assistant
As usual, after the release of a new version of Chrome Browser comes to a new version of the operating system with the same name. We are talking about Chrome OS 74, a version that started arriving yesterday to compatible devices that, officially, are the Chromebooks and the newest Pixelbooks. The arrival is being gradual, so users who have not yet seen… (0 comment)

Actual Image Of Redmi X Now On The Internet
After a video released by Xiaomi itself, now it was the turn of several images – conceptual and really – showing the alleged Redmi X fall on the internet. Confirmed by these images are the display without borders (size not yet informed) and the camera pop-up for selfies (resolution not yet informed). The novelty, however, lies to… (0 comment)

Apple To Buy Intel 5G Chip Business
Before signing an agreement with Qualcomm, Apple considered buying the chip division of smartphones from Intel, according to information released on Friday by the Wall Street Journal. Negotiations were halted as Qualcomm and Apple discussed a deal. Last week, the iPhones maker gave in and got a licensing agreement, in addition to signing a chipset supply contract for several years.… (0 comment)

iOS 13 Latest News: Rumors & Functions
The presentation of iOS 13 is very close, we will see in the inaugural conference of the WWDC 2019 that Apple will celebrate next June in San Jose. The last weeks are being very intense in terms of rumors about the new operating system of the iPhone and iPad and have already revealed interesting details, also at the level of development of applications with… (0 comment)

Samsung Delays The Arrival Of Galaxy Fold
Samsung cancels the presentation event of its folding mobile phone and leaves us without a new date for its final release. Although they are a breakthrough in technology, the qualities of their materials and screens still have much room for improvement. Through an official statement made public by the company, Samsung reported the postponement of the launch of… (0 comment)

iPhone Z Foldable Rumors, Release Date & Specifications
The folding smartphones appeared a few months ago with two somewhat different concepts, on the one hand, the Samsung Galaxy Fold where the screen is folded inward, and on the other the Huawei Mate X whose screen is folded out. Neither device is cheap and we already know the problems that the Samsung Galaxy Fold has had, problems that have… (0 comment)