Chrome OS 74 With Unified Google Assistant

Chrome OS 74 With Unified Google Assistant
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As usual, after the release of a new version of Chrome Browser comes to a new version of the operating system with the same name. We are talking about Chrome OS 74, a version that started arriving yesterday to compatible devices that, officially, are the Chromebooks and the newest Pixelbooks. The arrival is being gradual, so users who have not yet seen the update should have a little more patience.

Google says that this stable release includes bug fixes and security updates, but also new features. Among the new functions does not mention some changes, such as that the system has been redesigned so that the image is more centralized, that is, the general interface is more homogeneous. Yes, he mentions that the assistant will now suggest applications that could interest us at a certain time.

What’s new in Chrome OS 74

Among the new features of the new version we have:

  • Sending data of system performance profiles together with feedbacks.
  • Linux apps can get audio.
  • Support for cameras via USB for the Android Camera application.
  • Elimination of supervised users in disuse.
  • ChromeVox developer registration options: There are a number of options available on the ChromeVox options page that allows developers to activate it to save voice and other items.
  • Support for new files and folders under the “My Files” folder in the local root folder.
  • Now you can quickly access the latest applications and searches on Google by clicking on the search box.
  • Possibility of making notes in documents with Chrome PDF Viewer.
  • The SafeSetID LSM has been added to Chrome OS and its Linux kernel, allowing system services to securely manage the users under which their programs run without requiring superior system privileges.

As we mentioned, Chrome OS 74 started arriving at compatible devices yesterday May 1st. Have you already received it on your Chromebook?

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