Disable Vibrations In Silent Mode On iPhone

Disable Vibrations In Silent Mode On iPhone
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The silent mode of the iPhone is very convenient to disable the ringer and audible alerts when receiving messages or calls. Unfortunately this mode does not allow to block the vibrator option. As a result, your iPhone vibrates and emits an uncomfortable buzz with each new notification. Fortunately there is a little trick to disable the vibrator of the iPhone in silent mode.

Prevent your iPhone from vibrating

Apple smartphones have a button that allows you to enable or disable the silent mode of iOs with one touch. This feature very popular with owners of iPhone is unfortunately not free of defects.

As you’ve probably already noticed, after pressing the silent switch on the phone, vibrate mode remains on. And this is not without posing some problems especially when you are in a meeting or you attend a presentation.

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So every time you receive a new notification or an incoming call, your iPhone emits a series of vibrations creating a buzz sound comparable to that of a big bee. And given the power of the vibrator equipping the iPhone, you may very quickly disturb and disrupt your surroundings.

Mute the vibrator in silent mode

However, there are some very simple measures to put in place to avoid this type of disaster scenario. If you want your iPhone to be totally silent, it is best to block once for all the vibrate mode and why not use the fash as a call signal .

  • Start your iPhone
  • Tap the gear icon Settings on the desktop of your Apple smartphone
  • Then click on the red Sounds icon between the Wallpaper icon and Siri
  • Then find the vibration section
  • Disable the switch In silent mode to disable the vibrator when this mode is started. The button must change color and change from green to white

Your iPhone is now in full silent mode. Which means that no sound alert or vibration will warn you of the arrival of a new notification. You can leave your phone on your desk without worrying about annoying your colleagues.

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Some surfaces, including wood, act as a sounding board. The vibrations generated by an iPhone placed on a table are particularly loud and irritating to the ears. Believe me, the process of putting your iPhone in mute mode is far from a gadget. However, do not forget to reactivate the vibrator once your movie or meeting is over.

Adjust the vibrate settings of the iPhone

We have just seen how to silence the vibrator of the iPhone once the silent mode activated. Be aware that it is also possible to completely disable the vibrator and whatever the desired mode of use. If you are determined to turn off the vibrator on your phone, here is the procedure to follow.

  • Open the Settings app on the iPhone
  • Go to the General section and then in Accessibility
  • Scroll down the window
  • Click on the Vibration option
  • Toggle vibration switch to off position (white button)

From now on your iPhone will not emit the slightest vibration. This concerns both government notifications and emergency alerts (earthquake, tsunami, imminent threats to safety or health). Likewise when you connect your phone to an electrical outlet, the vibrator will remain completely silent.

Note that older versions of iPhone do not always have an option to completely disable the vibrate mode. If your phone is a few years old, do not be surprised at the lack of this switch in the iOs accessibility menus.

Creating custom vibrations

The vibrating feature of the iPhone has been the focus of attention from Apple. Two fast vibrations announce the arrival of a new message while the iPhone uses a constant vibration for incoming calls.

But if that does not suit you any problem. Everything remains fully customizable. In fact, Apple’s mobile operating system has a module for creating personalized vibrations. For example, it is possible to associate a series of vibrations with a specific contact or type of notification.

You will know who is trying to reach you without even having to take your iPhone out of your pocket. This should delight lazy people and anyone who hates having to look for their phone in their cloak or bag while walking.

In this article, you will find How To Solve Common iPhone Battery Problem. Note that Apple offers by default a series of different vibrations ready to use. This will save you from having to tap the screen to create your own vibrations.

  • Launch the Contact app on your iPhone
  • Choose from the list a contact to whom you want to assign a custom vibration
  • Open the presentation form
  • Click the Edit button in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Press the default Vibration button
  • Select one of the vibrations offered by Apple or click on Create a new ringtone
  • Tap with your finger on the screen to create the desired vibration. Hold your finger on the screen to generate a continuous vibration
  • Tap Stop when finished
  • Click on the Play button to launch your creation
  • Do not forget to save your work and give it a name

This vibration series will automatically be assigned to the contact in question. Note that you can simply delete it later. To do this, simply drag your finger from right to left on the Vibration line to display the Delete button.

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