First Full Jailbreak For Apple Watch

First Full Jailbreak For Apple Watch
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The jailbreak is a technique almost as old as the iPhone. It emerged as a response to the hermetic operating system that is iOS to allow installation of modifications not allowed by Apple. In a device with jailbreak you can install tweaks, applications, themes and many other things to increase the functions to unimaginable limits.

But with the passage of time, and after the updates of Apple, the jailbreak has been losing meaning to have solved many of the shortcomings of iOS. Now it has remained a niche practice, used by users who like to “hunt” and developers who want to perfect their creations.

It has been possible to jailbreak the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. There have even been attempts with the Apple Watch, but none has come to fruition, although the situation could change soon.

Compatible with all Apple Watch and watchOS 5.1.2

A couple of years ago, in the Def Con, the hacker Max Bazaliy of the Fried Apple Team showed a jailbreak for smart watches with watchOS 3. However, like many later concepts, it was only aimed at developers and did not have many possibilities .

For a few days, Twitter user @ethanpepro has been publishing its advances in the jailbreak for Apple Watch, ensuring that it will be compatible with all models released and with the versions of watchOS 4.0 to 5.1.2.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my upcoming Watch jailbreak. Just thought I’d answer a few here:
• Supported versions/devices are 4.0-5.1.2 (3.0?) on S0-S4
• Tweak support is planned, with work into custom watch faces being realistically achievable.

Its intention is that tweaks can be installed to add new functions, as well as personalized spheres that are well integrated, although at the moment it does not promise anything. As iDownloadBlog explains, it is also unclear when it will be available, so it may still take a few months until it manages to make it work correctly and polishes any possible errors.

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• Plans to be a full, public and open-sourced jailbreak (on release), with much more focus on ease-of-use and more streamlined installing
• This attempts to be a much less of a developer-only jailbreak

In the Apple Watch you can not do downgrade, and that’s a problem

If the Apple Watch is updated there is no going back: it is impossible to return to a previous version. Those of Cupertino only allow to do this if a beta version of watchOS is being used, and for this it is necessary to take it to an App Store or authorized center.

So if you are interested in jailbreaking for this smart watch, it is best to be careful with the updates , especially because if you update iOS you may also be forced to update the smartwatch.

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