Google’s Stadia Gaming Platform Price, Specifications

Google’s Stadia Gaming Platform Price, Specifications
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In the Game Developers Conference that took place this afternoon, Google has presented Stadia, the Google video game platform that promises to revolutionize the gaming sector. 

Everything pointed to the presentation of Google’s streaming gaming service today at the GDC, and the Mountain View company has not disappointed. The platform, until now known as Project Stream, promises to break the barriers that we currently find in the gaming sector, since it allows users to play AAA titles from any desktop or laptop with Google Chrome, some tablets and mobiles compatible, and Smart TVs with Chromecast Ultra.

And how is this possible? Very simple: Google’s infrastructure is responsible for carrying out heavy work, offering users instant access to games via streaming, without the need for loads or unnecessary waiting. Thanks to Stadia, all the player has to do is access the title through his device’s browser, and he can start playing instantly. 

In order to offer this streaming video game service, Google has a network of data centers with more than 7,500 nodes located all over the world in order to bring Stadia hardware to all users, regardless of the location where they are located. find

Each of Stadia’s data centers consists of interconnected racks that provide the high-power graphics, memory, and storage needed to run the most demanding games. This architecture is the basis of this new generation for gaming, which will allow streaming video games with 4K resolution at 60 fps, with support for HDR and surrounds sound. In addition, the company ensures that in the future it will be able to transmit at a resolution higher than 8K. 

Instant access to video games from any platform

During the GDC conference, the company has shown that Stadia allows access to AAA video games instantly and in a matter of seconds. With just clicking on the Play button of a YouTube transmission or clicking on a link, the user enters the title at the moment, either from a desktop computer, a laptop, a compatible mobile phone or tablet, or a connected television to a Chromecast Ultra. 

Therefore, users no longer need to have powerful computers or consoles to play demanding video games, but only an Internet connection or one of the compatible devices mentioned in the previous paragraph. In all of them you can enjoy the same quality.

The Stadia driver

While it is possible to play the Stadia games with conventional USB controls or the mouse and keyboard, the service will have its own controller, which has been specially designed for Google’s streaming gaming platform. The new device becomes part of the Made by Google hardware products, works through a WiFi connection and connects directly to the game that is running in the Google Data Center.

In this way, identify on which screen or device you want to play and link it with your game session in the cloud, ensuring the best performance and the best possible gaming experience. 

The Stadia control consists of two joysticks, one D-Pad and four action buttons (X, Y, A and B), like traditional controllers. However, in addition to the usual functions to which we are accustomed, this command has additional features for Stadia. The two most important are, on the one hand, the capture button to share your game directly on YouTube in 4K at 60 fps, and on the other hand the Google Assistant button, which gives immediate access to the microphone integrated in the controller to enjoy the special functions of the game integrated by the developers. 

The Stadia driver will be available in three colors: black, white and light green. 

Price and availability for Stadia

Google has announced that Stadia will be available this same 2019 in the United States, Canada, and Europe, although the company did not want to get their fingers and has not specified any date at the moment. If you want to stay informed, enter this link and leave your email address so that Mountain View will notify you when there is something new. 

The price of Stadia and the controller have not been confirmed either, so we’ll have to wait to learn more. 

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