How To Activate Application Drawer On Huawei Mobile

How To Activate Application Drawer On Huawei Mobile
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The smartphone interface of the Chinese manufacturer Huawei based on Android does not have an application drawer. Many users regret this choice. If like them you can not get used to this new mode of display, we reveal to you today a trick to activate the drawer of applications on a device Huawei.

View the application drawer button on your mobile home screen

Huawei brand smartphones offer a completely new user experience. The mobile operating system (EMUI) software interface has benefited from many improvements. The Chinese manufacturer has changed the appearance of menus to make their use more intuitive and enjoyable.

But these changes do not stop at the aesthetics of the launcher. The latest generation Huawei devices have an artificial intelligence module. This allows for example to reduce energy consumption while improving the performance of the device.

However it must be recognized that some of these changes are not to the tastes of all users. This is particularly the case of the disappearance of the application drawer. Some users also find it difficult to adapt to this new mode of organization.

By moving all applications on the desktop, Huawei certainly thought to make its interface simpler and more accessible. But it was not counting on the old habits of some users. Many of them remain very attached to this method of organization. Here are the steps to bring up the application drawer on a Huawei smartphone

  • Open your phone’s settings
  • Scroll down the window
  • Press the Display button
  • Select the Style section of the Home screen
  • Two options are available to you. Click on the mention Drawer

Once you’ve done all that, go back to the home screen. You will certainly be happy to discover your new application drawer. Then you just need to clean the different screens of your device to find a clean desktop without all its shortcuts applications.

Why put back the application drawer

Most of the overlay installed on the smartphones of major manufacturers (Samsung, Huawei, LG or Xiaomi) no longer offer application drawer. And this is not without posing some storage problems.

By force application icons can take up a lot of space on the home screen of a smartphone to the point of making it completely unusable. If you love to download the latest fashionable games you certainly know how hard it is to keep the desktop perfectly organized.

Not to mention the time lost each day to search for your applications in the different screens of the smartphone. Scrolling dozens of pages filled with colorful icons can quickly become annoying. The application drawer will help you avoid this kind of frustrating situation.

For clarity, nothing prevents you from adding folders to your application drawers . Some phones embark on a creation tool capable of producing this type of pages. If necessary you can always install a new launcher like Nova Launcher.

The home page can be reserved for your favorite applications and your various widgets (clock, weather, stock market and I forget). Once the organization is in place you will not have to search for this or that app in the middle of a jumble of icons. You will have everything you need at your fingertips.

Most smartphones come with dozens of pre-installed apps that no one uses. Remember to create a folder of special applications and place them inside. These will not ruin your view. Obviously you can also opt for a more radical solution namely to disable pre-installed applications . Here is a link that will explain the procedure to perform this operation.

As you can see, the application drawer remains useful in many situations. It is also a shame that more and more manufacturers are removing it from the interface of their devices. This is a useful feature in everyday life that will save you time.

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