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How To Activate Dark Mode On Twitter

How To Activate Dark Mode On Twitter
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Twitter has no dark mode, but it has a night mode with which you will have a darker range of colors on the screen. Do not fall victim to the dark mode of Twitter scam that will end up blocking your social network account.

A fake message is circulating on the social network Twitter suggesting that just changing your birthday to 2007 will enable the ‘Dark Mode’ of the application. Although the matter is not very credible, there are many users who have bitten to the point of being blocked account.

We have created a Twitter account in order to test it and the strange thing is that Twitter does not request that you enter the date of your birthday as a first measure, despite warning you that you have a minimum age limit established at age 13.

To add your birthday, you must go to ‘Settings and privacy> My data’ and enter your password to then scroll down and click on ‘Add date of birth’.

In this way, the only thing that you will have achieved when proceeding with the date change is to block your account. Android devices, for the moment, do not have the ‘Dark Mode’ that is available for iOS, so do not be fooled.

How to unblock your Twitter account

In order to unlock your account, you must click here and demonstrate with photographic evidence the actual date of your birthday. The DNI (national identity document), passport or driver’s license will serve as proof.

How to enable the ‘dark mode’ of Twitter

  • Launch the Twitter application
  • Click on the icon of your profile located in the upper left
  • Select ‘Settings and privacy’
  • Enter ‘General’ and check ‘Screen and sound’
  • Click on the ‘Night mode’ option
  • Choose ‘Off, Auto-start’ at sunset

Dark modes on your iOS device

If you have an iPhone or iPad you will have verified that Twitter introduced the ‘Dark Mode’ with the update of the application for iOS, as well as the night mode, emulating the visualization offered by macOS Mojave.

Within the application, click on the option ‘Configuration and privacy’. Once inside, scroll down to the ‘General’ section and click on ‘Screen and sound’.

You will see how it is possible to activate the ‘Dark Mode’ tab of Twitter, so that immediately, the application’s interface will change to dark tones and the text will be displayed in white.

Within the ‘Dark Mode’ of iOS, it is possible to choose between clear night and dark night so that black will be more or less intense. You can also let the application activate the ‘Dark Mode’ automatically so that it activates at dusk and deactivates in the morning.

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