How To Answer & Make A Call On Apple Watch

How To Answer & Make A Call On Apple Watch
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One of the great innovations offered by the Apple Watch has been the ability to answer and make calls from the watch without having to access the iPhone. We tell you step by step how to do it and compatible Apple Watch.

Although it may seem like science fiction or taken from a Dick Tracy movie of the 90s, the Apple Watch has made it possible for us to make or answer a call and talk to friends and family from our wrist, using the smart watch.

Next, we will explain step by step how it is possible to take advantage of this functionality of your Apple Watch, something that many users do not know until now or do not take advantage of their day to day. You can also silence it during meetings.

Keep in mind that most Apple Watch models must be within the range offered by your iPhone’s Bluetooth connectivity to make or receive calls.

However, if you have an Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4, equipped with 4G connectivity, this restriction does not apply. Check here the review that we have made from Macworld to the Apple Watch Series 4 .

These latest generation models, manufactured by Apple, can be purchased in mobile connection mode, so you can be connected at all times. Even in those moments when you go running without the iPhone, you can receive calls.

How to answer a call on Apple Watch

If some of your friends or family calls you while you are using your Apple Watch (and you are within range of your iPhone, or have a model with a mobile connection that can work without your phone), you will receive a vibration alert or ringtone, according to your configuration

Look at your watch and you can see on the screen the person who calls you next to an answer button and a rejection button. If it’s someone you want to talk to, press the green answer button. There is a built-in speaker and microphone, so you can chat without taking your iPhone out of your pocket or purse.

If you want to answer the call, but attend it on the iPhone in order to make the conversation more private so that those around you do not hear it, scroll up the Digital Crown crown of your Apple Watch and press’ Reply on iPhone. ‘ As simple as that.

If you happen to be in an important meeting, you can choose to silence the incoming call by simply covering the screen of your Apple Watch by using the palm of your hand.

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How to make a call from the Apple Watch

It is also possible to make a call directly from your Apple Watch instead of having to resort to the screen of your iPhone. Often, the easiest way to do this is to use Siri, although this depends on how you have configured your contacts.

Open your card in ‘Contacts’ and you can set up mom, dad, son or partner, among others. Then try saying ‘Hey Siri’ and then ‘Call Mom’, for example.

Optionally, you can open the phone application from your watch to press on ‘Favorites’, ‘Recent’ or ‘Contacts’ and select someone to call. You can also use the keyboard and type the number manually. Press the green icon to dial the number.

If you still have an Apple Watch model with watchOS 1 or watchOS 2, you can access your favorite contacts by pressing the side button. But watchOS 3 did not contain this, moving to a better life. 

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