How To Create First Story On Instagram

How To Create First Story On Instagram
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Unless you have completely deserted social networks for several months, you could not escape the tornado Story. This ephemeral format initially launched on Snapchat has gradually conquered all social networks and more particularly Instagram. This step-by-step guide offers you five key steps for publishing your very first Story on Instagram.

What is an Instagram Story?

Launched in 2016, Instagram’s stories have quickly attracted a large audience. In a post published on their blog, the leaders of the social network have just said that nearly 300 million people use this new feature daily. This is to say if the phenomenon is important.

But not everyone knows what a story is. To put it simply, it’s actually a kind of slide show in which users can drag photos, drawings, stickers or videos. And unlike other content posted on Instagram, stories automatically disappear 24 hours after their publication.

You may have already consulted several without knowing it. It must be said that this mode of publication is not so new. Instagram is far from the first social network to offer this type of format. Originally this ephemeral publishing system made its appearance in 2013 on Snapchat.

How does Instagram’s stories work?

This photo carousel and videos present several peculiarities. As explained above, stories are only visible for a limited period of time, not to exceed 24 hours. You will not be able to save photos on your mobile. But this is not the only originality of this format.

Unlike other publications, stories shared on Instagram do not appear on users’ profile pages or news feeds. These slideshows are played directly from the application’s home screen in a small bar at the very top of the window.

To read a story, just launch the Instagram application and then click on the photos of your friends’ profiles (circular icons) in the banner above the newsfeed. The story of your contact will be displayed in full screen on your smartphone.

The content (photos, videos etc …) will then be read in chronological order from the oldest or most recent via the autoplay function of Instagram. A simple click on the screen will allow you to scroll through the different elements embedded in the story.

To pause the slideshow, simply hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds. Note that it is not possible to interact directly on the story of one of your friends. For example, you will not be able to post any comments or even make a comment.

How to publish a story on Instagram

Now that you know how to read your friends’ stories on Instagram here are some tips to help you get your first ephemeral post online. If you’re an absolute beginner on Instagram, this guide will help you understand the intricacies of this new feature.

If you’re a regular user of social networks and especially the Snapchat network the procedure of creating a story on Instagram will sound familiar. And for good reason, the application of photo sharing was largely inspired by those proposed by the social network of the little ghost.

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Click on the little icon Your story + placed at the top left of the home screen
  • Once the camera is open, press the shutter (circular button) to take a picture as you normally would on Instagram.
  • To record a video, you will need to hold your finger on the shutter while recording
  • You can also add photos or videos from your gallery to your story. To do this, click on the Photo icon in the lower left corner of the Story function.
  • Then personalize your photos or videos using the filters and drawings tools made available to you by Instagram
  • Tap Your Story button to share your content with the rest of your subscribers
  • Repeat the previous steps to add photos or videos to your story

Important detail, think to take your photos in vertical mode and not horizontal. This format has the advantage of covering the entire surface of the screen of smartphones. It is therefore more impacting and creates a stronger engagement on Instagram. See also two techniques to repost a photo on Instagram .

Finally, remember that the Story feature respects the privacy settings of your Instagram account. Which means that if you have chosen private account mode your stories will only be visible to your subscribers. Be aware however that by clicking on the button Send to you will be able to choose the people with whom you want to share your photos.

How to add a poll to his story

Instagram’s stories are essentially photos and videos that scroll like a carousel. To please your subscribers, choose a neat content. Also think about adding interactivity.

What better than a poll to collect the opinion of his fans and learn more about their habits. And then this device is very simple to set up. We explain to you how to proceed.

  • Launch the Instagram app
  • Click on the More button to add a photo to his story
  • Take a photo using the camera function of your smartphone. You can also add an image from your photo gallery
  • Tap the Smiley icon with light folding in the bottom
  • Click the Poll button
  • Type your question in the field provided (for example, do you have a phobia?)
  • Put your finger on Yes or No to change the text of the answers
  • Place your question anywhere on the image
  • Pinch the visual to enlarge or reduce the survey size

The administrator of the Instagram account (ie you) can then very easily read the results of the survey. For that it will be enough to be placed on the picture then to carry out with his finger a scan upwards.

A new window will appear with different information such as the total number of people who saw the poll, the total number of votes but also the answers given. Importantly, the users who took part in this mini-survey will be able to consult the results once their answer has been validated.

Be careful, survey responses will only be available during the life of your Story. After 24 hours, Instagram will delete all data related to your survey. Remember to retrieve the results before your story expires.

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