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How To Delete All Gmail Emails At Once

How To Delete All Gmail Emails At Once
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Everyone needs to do email cleaning from time to time. We teach you to delete all your emails at once in Gmail, delete all emails from contact and delete inboxes.

It is very likely that you have arrived here because the inbox of your email is full of messages that you no longer need or that take up a lot of storage space. The time has come, then, to do a cleanup.

There are several ways to get rid of those unnecessary emails , such as deleting an entire inbox, deleting all conversations exchanged with a specific contact or deleting all emails under the same label at the same time.

Before starting to delete emails, we recommend that you make a backup of those emails that you really want to keep. You can check this Google tutorial to learn how to download your data.

How to delete a Gmail inbox

Gmail includes several inboxes as standard: Main, Social, Promotions, Notifications and Forums. It is very easy to select all the emails in one of them and delete them at once.

. Log in to your Gmail account in your preferred browser.

. Select the inbox that you would like to delete.

. Click on the box that you will find just above the tabs of the input trays, to the left of the icon to update. You will see that the emails are now selected in blue and with the box on your left hand marked.

. With this only you will have selected the first page of emails from the inbox in question. To select them all, click on the option ‘ Select the X conversations of (inbox) ‘ above all.

. Next, click on the ‘ Delete ‘ button at the top. You will recognize it because it has the shape of a paper basket.

. There is still a crucial step to be taken. You must go to the folder ‘ Trash ‘, which you can access from the menu on the left and to which all emails that you delete for 30 days will end up.

You can also open the folder by searching ‘ in: trash ‘ in the top search bar.Sponsored Links

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. Finally, it is time to empty the bin by clicking on the same box of the third step and clicking on the option ‘ Delete permanently ‘ to delete them forever.

How to delete all emails from the same person in Gmail

Maybe all you want is to get rid of emails received by a specific person and not all emails from one of your inboxes. This is also possible if you follow the steps indicated below.

. Enter the email address of the contact from which you want to delete the emails in the top search bar and click on ‘ Enter ‘.

. You will be shown all of this person’s emails. Select the box below the search bar. You will see that the selected emails have changed color and that your box is checked.

. Now, click on the blue option ‘ Select all conversations that match this search ‘ to select all the emails exchanged with that person and not just the first page.

. To send the selected emails to the trash, simply click on the ‘ Delete ‘ icon .

. As in the previous section, it is necessary to go to the folder ‘ Trash ‘, select all emails and give ‘ Delete definitively ‘ to get rid of emails from the same contact forever.

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How to delete all emails with the same tag in Gmail

Labels are a very practical way to group emails according to subject, sender or any other category. They are also very comfortable when you want to get rid of a group of emails at once in just a few seconds.

. Select one of the labels that you created to group emails in the menu on the left. You can distinguish them by color and title.

. When doing so, only emails will be shown under that label. You can select all of them again by clicking on the box below the search bar, followed by ‘ Select the X conversations of “(label)” ‘.

. With the emails selected in blue and with the box checked, you can now click on the icon in the form of a wastebasket.

. This will only send them to the folder ‘ Trash ‘ where they will talk for 30 days. To get rid of them forever, go to that folder, select the emails to be deleted and click on ‘ Delete permanently ‘.

You can carry out the same process to eliminate all those unread emails. In this case, however, you must enter ‘ is: unread ‘ in the search bar to be shown the emails you have not opened.

How to delete emails with heavy attachments in Gmail

Another reason why you may want to delete several files at the same time is because some of them take up too much space in your Gmail. If you have little left to exhaust your gig limit, removing heavy attachments can help.

. Use the top search bar to locate those emails with heavy attachments. You can do it by typing ‘ larger: 10MB ‘, which means that you will be shown emails of more than 10 MB.

In case you want to locate low weight emails, you can search for ‘ size: 1000000 ‘, which means that you will be shown 1 MB emails .

. With the heavy mails located, select the box above. This will only select the emails on the first page, so click on ‘ Select all conversations that match this search ‘ to select them all.

. With the conversations marked, click on the icon in the form of a bin to eliminate heavy emails.

. Do not forget to go to the ‘ Trash ‘ folder , select all the emails and click on ‘ Delete permanently ‘ to erase forever the emails with heavy attachments.

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