How To Download Apps Over 150MB On iPhone

How To Download Apps Over 150MB On iPhone
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It is very common if you are a user of iPhone smartphones that you receive an error when you try to download an application of more than 150MB through the data of the phone. It really is not an error in itself, but a notification so that iOS users do not accidentally use their entire monthly data allowance with downloads.

A priori, this restriction was useful, what happens is that at present many enjoy large data rates, so that such downloads can be allowed. That is why we are going to tell you how to skip the restriction of downloads of more than 150 MB on iPhone .

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Steps to download more than 150 MB applications on iPhone

The first thing you have to do to get  down more than 150 MB apps on your iPhone is to turn off Wi-Fi. Then you must follow the following steps:

  • Access the Store app.
  • Select the application you want to install.
  • When you give to download and the emergency message appears, press “ok”, then slide the control menu up and activate airplane mode.
  • Press the iPhone power button until the power off message appears and turn off the device.
  • When the phone restarts, access the app store again.
  • When the message “offline” appears, turn off the flight mode.

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If everything has worked well, after doing all these steps you can click on “Updates-Purchases” and check that the application is downloading, automatically and without the restriction of 150MB.

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