How To Fix iTunes Error 9006 [iPhone]

How To Fix iTunes Error 9006 [iPhone]
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It is possible that many of you have already forgotten, but some time ago, before the OTA updates came to iOS, people were forced to use iTunes to update their devices to the latest version available. This caused in many cases (and I know from my own experience), that users took too long to update, or that they did not do so out of laziness.

Then came a new update process that completely dispensed with a PC or Mac and the thing improved greatly, however, if you’re here, it’s because you keep using iTunes for this type of operation. And precisely for that reason, today we will give you a hand with a fairly common error when it comes to updating or restoring our iPhone or iPad through Apple software.

Error 9006, possible causes and how to solve it

The 9006 error, as I have said before, is one of the most common errors in iTunes, which is that it usually indicates a connection problem between the PC and the Apple update download servers. It usually appears, for example, at a time of high congestion such as the release of major iOS updates.

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To solve it, we will follow the following steps:

1. We will make sure that our internet connection is active , in this way, we will know that the router is not the root of the problem.

2. We will leave iTunes

3. We will check that there is no new software update in the Apple Software Update

4. We will restart the computer

5. Now, we will deactivate the firewalls of our computer, including our anti-virus

6. We will connect our device, object of the update, to another different USB port

7. Now we will reopen iTunes, and start the update process again , which should be carried out normally

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With these simple but useful steps, we will undoubtedly succeed in carrying out the update or restoration that our device needs so much . Now we just have to keep enjoying all the possibilities that iOS offers us.

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