How To Hide Apps On iPhone

How To Hide Apps On iPhone
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Sometimes you need to do so that one or another application icon temporarily disappears from the device screen. For example, in order to avoid running it as a child. Or if you plan to give the device to someone for temporary use. And you can do this with the help of iOS itself, without the installed jailbreak.

If you are not inspired by the tricks with installing applications in the Kiosk and fast respring without jailbreak, then perhaps the next hack you decide to use on your iPhone. The network has a way to hide any applications from the desktop of Apple mobile devices.

To do this, you do not have to resort to installing third-party applications, go to special websites, etc. The whole process is carried out on a springboard iPhone. At the same time hidden programs will be available at any time through the Spotlight search.

How to hide any applications on the iPhone without jailbreaking

Step 1: Merge all the applications you want to hide into one folder and transfer it to the third screen.

Step 2: Place the Kiosk on the second page of the springboard.

Step 3 : Open the third iPhone screen.

Step 4: Press the Home button once and immediately tap the folder with the applications that you need to put in the Kiosk.

Step 5: Continue to hold the icon until iOS shows the first page.

Step 6: Release the icon and quickly go to the second page.

Step 7: In case of success, Wiggle mode will automatically turn on.

Step 8: Open the Kiosk and click the Home button to paste the folder from the third page.

Step 9: Now you will have to restart the iPhone or do respring using the technique described by us.

Step 10 : Check the Kiosk – after restarting the folder with unnecessary applications will disappear.

At any time you can return the application. To do this, repeat Step 9.

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