How To Open Private Browser Mode On Android

How To Open Private Browser Mode On Android
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The benefits of private surfing on Android go far beyond just preventing others from seeing what you’ve been looking for online. Private browsing, incognito mode – call it what you want, but not only in the event that you want to buy some gifts, this feature is much more than that. Read on to find out how you privately Android surf and why you should.

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How to enable private surfing on Android

The use of private surfing, also known as incognito mode, is very simple on Android but can vary from device to device and browser. How it works in Chrome:

  • To turn on incognito mode: Open Chrome, tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner for more options, and then tap New incognito tab . You can open multiple incognito tabs at the same time if you want.
  • To disable incognito mode: Tap the square icon in the upper-right corner to open the tabs, and then individually close all incognito tabs, or tap the three points and select Close incognito tabs to close them all shut down. You should close the incognito windows when you’re done so people will not find them.

This is what incognito looks like on Chrome on the Galaxy S7 Edge. / © AndroidPIT

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

The generic default browser preinstalled on your phone may also have an incognito mode. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a secret mode in its Samsung Internet browser. To use it, tap the tabs icon and then  turn on secret“, continue with or without a password, and you’re ready to go. To turn it off, go back to your tabs and tap Turn Off.

Why do you want to do that?

To log in to your accounts

Browsers often want to store passwords and credentials to make logging in on private computers easier and faster. It makes sense who has to log in to Facebook every time he wants to do some digital stalking? But on a smartphone, that’s different. Phones are shared, exchanged and sometimes stolen.

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If you log in incognito to your various accounts, the browser will not be able to save your credentials or form data. This means that if you log into your own accounts on your device, you should also select a private browser option there!

If you do not want to be targeted by advertising

Private surfing will not cause ads to disappear, but your search will not be affected by your previous search habits. Google collects data from anywhere to target advertising and promotional material. If you want to avoid this and do a “pure” search, private surfing is the way to go.

To use multiple accounts at the same time

Do you have two Google accounts? Would you like to be both logged in at the same time? Open a regular browser tab and an incognito browser tab.

If you want to explore something private

This could have different reasons. Maybe you want to buy something or do some research in secret? If you’re browsing privately, you do not have to worry about someone else discovering your search habits when you pick up your phone, if you remember to close the browser window when you’re done.

For testing and debugging

If you are concerned about the effects of your cache and cookie data when you try to run site tests or debugging software, performing your session in private mode will result in a clean user experience.

So, there you go, the benefits of private surfing. If you want to be even more secure and private, you can try a VPN.

Do you use the private browser mode for Android? Which browser do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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