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How To Remove Instagram’s Search History

How To Remove Instagram’s Search History
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If you are no longer interested in the accounts and hashtags that appear in the Instagram search section, we’ll show you how to remove Instagram’s history forever. No one will know what you’ve been looking for.

Although it may not always seem so, privacy should be a primary element in the life of anyone who surfs the web assiduously. This also includes the search history of your social networks, which contains a lot of information about you.

This is why we recommend cleaning your searches often, either those of the web browser that you use as your social profiles like Instagram. You will not necessarily need to do it alone if you are hiding something.

In fact, we advise you to delete the Instagram search history from time to time, even if only the network does not remember certain accounts or hashtags that no longer interest you. In this other article, we show you other tricks to use Instagram.

How to clear the Instagram search history

Here are the basic steps to follow to eliminate forever the search history of your Instagram account, that is, those profiles and hashtags that appear in the search section.

. Open the Instagram app of your mobile and touch the icon with your photo that you will find in the lower right corner to go to your profile.

. Once you are in your profile, tap on the icon with three horizontal bars in the upper right corner and, in the menu that opens, select ‘ Settings ‘.

. Now, touch on the option ‘ Privacy and security ‘.

. In the new screen, scroll down to the section ‘ Security ‘. Tap on the option ‘ Clear search history ‘.

. Confirm the action by touching again on ‘ Clear search history ‘, followed by ‘ Continue ‘.

Can you permanently delete Instagram history?

It is important to clarify that, as assured by Instagram on your website, those searches that you delete but that you search again in the future, will appear again in your account history. You must go back to the same process to delete them again.

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Therefore, if you use Instagram, you should bear in mind that you will not have absolute control over your data and the use you make of the network. Obviously, you always have the option to bet on alternatives such as Flickr, Smugmug or 500PX.

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