How To Solve Common iPhone Battery Problem

How To Solve Common iPhone Battery Problem
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Our iPhones have become essential in our day to day, we use them for everything from ordering food and communicating to guide us if we have lost . But for us to really take advantage of all these functions we need something essential: battery . A battery with problems will make us unable to use the iPhone properly.

Today we are going to review some of the most common problems related to the battery of our iOS devices, it does not matter if it is an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod Touch. We will also try to solve these problems step by step.

Common iPhone battery problems and how to fix them

First of all you have to know how our iPhone’s batteries work to understand the possible problems. All rechargeable batteries of any device are products with a limited lifetime , this means that over time, their capacity and performance decrease.

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Approximately after two years, the batteries of the iPhone, or other devices, lose 20% capacity. An 80% battery will continue to work, but it will not do so as it did when it was new and the only solution to recover that capacity is replacing it with a new one.

The iPhone downloads fast

You may notice that your iPhone’s battery discharges very quickly, especially when it reaches the lower limits. The main thing is that you go to Settings> Battery> Health battery . If the maximum capacity is above 85%, it is not normal for your iPhone to download so fast, if it is less than 80% it is that the useful life is coming to an end and the only solution to improve the duration is to change the battery .

What you should check first is that no app is spending too much battery in Settings> Battery . In case the health of the battery is good and no app consumes too much, the best solution to this problem is to calibrate the battery of the iPhone as shown below.

The iPhone does not reach 100%

Another problem that can appear is that your iPhone, or your iPad, does not reach 100% after being many hours connected to the charger. It is mainly a problem of, let’s call it understanding, between the software of the iPhone or the iPad and the battery.

The solution to this problem is, again, perform a calibration of the battery as we show you in the troubleshooting section . In this case it is not a problem of an installed application, although it is advisable to update the device if you have not already done so.

IPhone warms up when charging

It is possible that in some moments the iPhone is hot due to its use , for example when playing demanding games, it is something that can also happen when charging the device. However this heating is normal, there should be no major problem unless you notice that the device burns.

In this case it is best to remove the case you have on the iPhone . It is an Apple recommendation, so if you notice that it gets too hot to charge, do it without the case.

The iPhone shuts down before reaching 0%

Another of the most common problems is that the iPhone or the iPad are turned off before reaching 0% . It is a problem that I have suffered at some time and it is due to a bad synchronization between the iPhone and the software that is responsible for managing the battery.

Basically your iPhone does not know how much battery is left and the only way to solve it is by performing a calibration as we show you a little below.

The iPhone restarts itself

If the health of your device’s battery is not good, you may have to activate the settings option called Peak Performance Capacity. This is an option that Apple introduced recently and that decreases the performance of the device if it is possible to suffer unexpected reboots.

The main problem is usually the health of the battery and the only way to prevent your iPhone from reoccurring is activating this option or changing the battery. To activate this option we go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health. If the health of the battery is good you can also try a battery calibration.

Solutions to the battery problems of the iPhone

Some of the battery problems of the iPhone can be solved by making some adjustments to the device and the software , that is, iOS. These are the most common solutions to battery problems that affect the iPhone or the iPad.

Software update and restart

Update your device is something that can solve certain battery problems, so it is the first check you should do. Apple fixes some bugs and improves performance with each update, so the best thing you can do is update your device from Settings> General> Software update.

If the software is updated, the next step is to restart your device . For this we can force the shutdown of the iPhone:

  • Press and release to increase the volume.
  • Press and release to lower the volume.
  • Press and hold the side button.

Uncontrolled apps and services

There are times when some iOS service or application is consuming more battery than necessary. To check it, we go to Settings> Battery and in the lower part we wait for the consumption data to appear. If there is an application that is consuming a lot of battery that we do not use normally that can be a cause of the problem.

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The best thing you can do is to uninstall this application and restart the device . If it is an essential app, download it again but try not to give permission to everything that you ask.

Calibrate battery

If you still notice that your battery has a problem and the health indicated by the iPhone is greater than 80%, it is best to proceed with a calibration of the battery . It is a process recommended by Apple itself and makes the device and the battery “synchronize”. These are the steps to follow:

  • We load our device up to 100% and use it normally.
  • We let the battery run out completely , that is until you dial 1% and the iPhone turns off.
  • Once turned off we try to turn it on if there is any battery left.
  • Now we leave it off for 8 hours .
  • Once this time is over we connect it to the charger and let it charge for another 8 hours without using it , it will be best to put the iPhone in airplane mode.

Tricks to make the iPhone’s battery last longer

Tricks to improve the battery life there are many, we will tell you a small compilation with the best you can find, but if you want to know more tricks that will improve the battery life of your iPhone here you have at your disposal a large number of them.

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  • Update your device to the latest available version.
  • Optimize the brightness of the screen , you can do it from the Control Center.
  • Activate the Low consumption mode if necessary.
  • Control the apps that access your location from Settings> Privacy> Location.
  • Turn off notifications for apps you do not use in Settings> Notifications.
  • If you are in a place without mobile coverage, activate the airplane mode .

Finally a tip in case you are going to keep your iPhone for a while and not going to use it. The recommendation is that you do not store it without a charge or with a 100% battery , it is best to charge it up to 50% before storing it and charging it there every 6 months.

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