How To Start A Blog : All About Blogging

How To Start A Blog : All About Blogging
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Today I want to tell you how to start blogging. If you want to get a new source of income or even completely change your life, then be sure to consider creating your own blog. Its advantage over social media accounts – for many years, published articles will attract readers, but a post on a social network is relevant for a couple of days (with rare exceptions). Moreover, in recent years, such a trend as content marketing has become increasingly in demand. And the site where interesting articles are published with useful information for readers is precisely one of the types of content marketing.

Why do I need a blog

If we are talking about a corporate website or an online store, a blog helps to attract new potential customers and has a positive effect on sales, activates a business. In turn, a personal blog allows you to:

  • to form an image of an expert – if you share your experience in a chosen industry, very soon they will begin to listen to your opinion;
  • to master the art of writing – the more often and actively you write, the better you get. Perhaps you can write so well, build up your unique style that you will create books;
  • to learn how to highlight the most important thing is that in order for an article to be as useful, interesting, as possible without unnecessary information, it is important to be able to concentrate on the most important. Blogging will develop this skill.

And most importantly – the blog will become your source of income. The more actively you write articles, the more visitors come to the site!

How to start blogging and what you need to do

To start in blogging, you don’t need to have any super knowledge. Even if you have never written, it does not mean that you definitely need to take courses in copywriting art. Just the opposite – do not bother yourself with well-established rules and stereotypes. Write easy and accessible in your style. As if you are just talking.

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Another misconception common among novice bloggers is the confidence that one must be an expert in a particular field. But who told you about this? No, save people from a dry, boring theory, suggesting the flow of information in an instructive tone. Publish articles written in the form of stories. For example, in which it tells about success stories.

In order to start a blog, you do not need fundamental knowledge in the field of copywriting, and certainly not necessarily to be an expert. The main thing – the desire to write in the selected subject. You should literally burn inside your theme, strive to write new articles every day, getting to the bottom of it.

To create a blog, you can go two ways:

  • choose a free open platform;
  • register your domain and create your website.

More details about each option will tell below.

How to start blogging from scratch: free platforms

This option has certain disadvantages. First, you get not the most beautiful and attractive name in which the name of the platform will be used. For example, Myblog.tumblr.com.

It is clear that there is always the opportunity to buy a domain and use it on the chosen platform. But all the same, the texts will be published on a resource that, in fact, does not belong to you.

Also, the use of free platforms – these are certain limitations in their functionality:

  • the inability to connect the plugins you need;
  • some restrictions on the loading of visual content (photos and videos);
  • problems with changes in design, design, etc.

Note! And most importantly – the blog is not your property. The owner of the platform at any time has the right to remove it completely. For example, if someone from the “well-wishers” complains about your articles. All your efforts will go into oblivion.

The free platform is recommended to be used only if you want to hone the art of writing articles, to analyze how interesting the chosen niche is. Later, when you are finally ripe for your own site, simply transfer all the articles written earlier to it.

Among the existing platforms I will highlight the two most interesting ones.


This is a kind of symbiosis – a blog and a social network. The resource is ideal for creating a microblog, on it relatively quickly, subject to the supply of high-quality and interesting content, to collect an audience.

The main advantages of this network are:

  • no restrictions on the storage of information;
  • almost a thousand themes – you choose how to design your page;
  • The ability to fine-tune your blog – users can access HTML and CSS +.

But he has some drawbacks:

  • unfortunately, Tumblr is mainly focused on Western audiences;
  • if you want to make backup copies of your materials, it will not be so easy to accomplish;
  • There are certain difficulties with importing information from other resources.


This platform is the brainchild of the world giant Google. Therefore, every blogger who chooses it to publish his articles has the opportunity to use all the promotion tools, such as Google Analytics.

The advantages of this “service”:

  • free of charge;
  • simplicity;
  • the ability to publish ads in AdSense;
  • the ability to fine-tune – the blog owner has access to the HTML code, which makes it possible to change the appearance.

Among the shortcomings worth highlighting:

  • complete dependence on the platform;
  • a small number of themes;
  • limited storage space for your content;
  • In the title of your blog will be present .blogspot.

Note! Considering the above, I can state with confidence that there is no point in choosing such platforms. It’s better to create your own blog site right away. You can do it yourself! How? About how to create your website, I talk on thematic training. It lasts for 4 days, but after it ends, you will already have your blog with the first published articles and first readers!

How to start blogging from scratch and make it a source of income: 5 steps to the goal

Now more about how to start blogging. This is a step-by-step instruction, by adhering to which you can achieve your goal.

1. Subject and title

The first thing you need is to choose a topic and a blog name. No need to spray. Highlight one or two main areas and work in them. Moreover, each direction has several “subdirections”.

When choosing a topic, immediately try to determine your target audience:

  • men or women;
  • adults or young people;
  • social status and direction of activity;
  • etc.

You need to make a portrait of your potential reader as accurately as possible. Immediately pick the main keywords for which you can find the reader.

2. Hosting and domain


Domain is the name, the name of the site in English. In fact – the address of the site. In addition to the word, the extension chosen by you will be present in it:

  • .com;
  • .net;
  • .org;
  • .ru;
  • .ua;
  • .by etc.

Note! Choose a domain name is not so easy. It should be capacious, sonorous, attractive, to characterize your blog. But also free, not occupied by other site owners.

Hosting is a repository of your website files. That is, the place where all the data will be located. When choosing an operator that provides hosting services, you should focus on indicators such as:

  • site loading speed;
  • option to automatically backup all data;
  • availability of adequate and pleasant support service;
  • security guarantees.

The domain name and hosting must be paid regularly. Monthly or every year, depending on the program you choose.  

3. Choosing a blog platform

The next item on my step-by-step instructions on how to start blogging from scratch is the choice of platform. Among the existing CMS the most popular are:

  • WordPress;
  • Joomla;
  • Drupal.

Each CMS has its own specific advantages and some disadvantages. However, I personally strongly recommend creating WordPress sites. My Free 4-day training is dedicated to working with this platform.

Among its main advantages are the following:

  • simplicity of work, even for a beginner;
  • ease of adjustment;
  • the presence of a mass of various themes and extensions that enhance the functionality of the blog;
  • a forum where you can find answers to all the questions;
  • constant updating WordPress guarantees protection against viruses and hacks.

In general, if you are thinking about how to start a blog, choose the WordPress platform!

4. Write the first articles

When you are ready, proceed to writing and publishing articles. Everything is simple:

  • pick a topic;
  • look for articles on this topic on the Internet, study them well, highlight the main thing;
  • prepare the structure of the article – these are the points arranged in logical sequence
  • write an article, focusing on the structure;
  • through the administrative panel publish the article by adding visual content.

Articles need to write regularly. The more often the better. Firstly, search engine robots like regularly updated sites. Secondly, you will be able to attract more readers.

5. Spin your site

How to start blogging is not the most important thing. You also need to promote it properly.

Of course, if you write interesting, high-quality and unique articles, over time, the site will advance on its own. But it will take quite a lot of time. Therefore you need to help him. There are several ways to do this.

First of all, make a subscription form – then your readers will receive notifications about new articles and be sure to visit the site.

Secondly, install social networking buttons. Favorite material readers will share on their pages. If there are no buttons, the probability that the link to your article will be published decreases, few people want to copy the link, go to your page and publish it there. Buttons allow you to perform all the actions in one click.

Also, be sure to post your own links to your articles on the social network – on your page and / or creating a thematic community.

Another good way to attract readers and promote your own block is to publish guest posts. The essence of this method is as follows:

  • Search the Internet for blogs that are similar in topic to yours;
  • read the materials published on them to understand the style and features of the presentation of the material;
  • think what useful material you can prepare;
  • contact the site owner;
  • Offer him to publish an article, but with a link to your blog.

That is, the owner of another site receives an article for his site for free, and you – a kind of advertising personal blog. Do not despair if your proposal does not immediately respond. You may have to spend some time searching for a potential partner.

Note! In order for the blog to constantly evolve, you need to create a clear plan and strictly adhere to it.

What to write: 7 topics for a successful blog

Above, I explained in detail how to start blogging from scratch, but I would like to tell separately how topics are among the most popular. Choosing a separate direction among them, you will be able to attract a large audience. Provided writing quality articles.

1. Guides and instructions

If a person needs to do something, then he is looking for information on the network. Write practical guides:

  • how to replace the lock;
  • how to fix the faucet;
  • how to use a toaster, etc.

The more guides, the bigger your audience.

2. Politics

The direction is always in demand. Moreover, debatable. You can easily create topics for discussion – after all, everyone thinks he is a political expert and will definitely want to express his opinion. And this additional visits to the site.

3. Recipes and cooking

Always a popular topic. After all, we eat each order. In addition, this direction is not outdated. There are new products, new dishes. New trendy diets are being developed. So the topic is inexhaustible.

4. Reviews

They can be very different. For example, reviews of designers for children, mobile phones, etc. What you wish. Moreover, there is a special program Amazon Affiliates, which allows you to monetize your articles.

5. Series

Now boom serials. They shoot a lot. The audience is innumerable. Make reviews of the best TV shows, tell about the features of the filming of “Game of Thrones”, reveal the secrets of “Very strange incidents”, share your personal opinion.

6. Personal experience

A good way to make money on a blog is to share personal experience acquired in a particular field of activity. Do you know how best to repair internal combustion engines? Write about it!

Or do you have an amazing trekking experience? Tell how to prepare for them, what to take with you, how to act in extreme situations, etc.

7. Debunking Myths

On the Internet walking a lot of information. Not all of it is true and honest. There are myths and frank fakie. So become a guide to the world of truth! Debunk the myths, destroy the fakes! People love this kind of information.

To summarize: how to start your blog and make money on it

I briefly told you how to start a blog. In more detail about everything, as well as how to create a personal site based on the WordPress platform, I will tell during my Free 4-day training .

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