How To Turn Samsung Galaxy Into A Smart Speaker

How To Turn Samsung Galaxy Into A Smart Speaker
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Smart speakers are increasingly fashionable. And taking into account that now Amazon has temporarily lowered the price of its Echo range, it is the best time to get a device of this type. Unless you have an old Samsung Galaxy at home, or any other compatible phone, and want to turn it into a smart speaker.

And, to convert phone to a smart speaker you only need two things: a device with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher and a conventional speaker with 3.5 mm output. Yes, with these two components you can make your speaker smart at a minimal cost.

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Of course, it is true that the microphone of any smartphone, whether a Samsung Galaxy or any other brand, has the level of noise cancellation of other types of devices. Yes, you can add an external microphone to improve the sound quality, but better occupy the 3.5 mm output of the phone to connect it to a speaker because, if you link them by Bluetooth and do not use them for too long, they can be unlinked.

First step, confirm that your Samsung Galaxy is compatible with Google Home or Alexa

The first thing to do is to confirm that your phone allows you to run Google Home or Alexa. For this, the best thing is that you directly try to download the application through Google Play. If the device allows you to install them, it means that you can use any of the two voice assistants in your phone and, therefore, use an old Samsung Galaxy or any other model in a smart speaker.

Ok, you could install any of the two applications, so you already have a voice assistant on your phone. The next step to follow will be to configure it so that, on the one hand, recognize your voice when activating Google Assistant or Alexa. It is very important that you have the voice option always active so that at all times your phone is available for when you want to perform any action using a voice command

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The next step will be to connect your old mobile phone to the speaker. For this, we will need a 3.5 mm cable with male to male output. Here, it is very important that the cable is as long as possible so that, if you have music playing on the speaker, it is easier for the sound to not interfere with the voice command that you are going to make at any time.

To do this, we have found a 2.5-meter cable that will be more than enough to avoid interference between your old Samsung Galaxy smart speaker that you just created, you can get the most out of the voice assistant that you have installed on your phone.

As you have been able to verify, the process is really simple, in addition if you already have a 3.5 mm head from male to male you will not need to make any expense. And what’s better, as long as you do not want to use your old Samsung Galaxy as a smart speaker, you can take advantage of our other tutorials to get the most out of it as a video game console or multimedia center.

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