How To Upgrade iPhone 6S To iOS 12

How To Upgrade iPhone 6S To iOS 12
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Apple highly recommends installing the latest system versions on devices. This is necessary not only for new features, but also for improvements in OS security. How to upgrade iPhone 6S to iOS 12 as fast and easy as possible? Consider this and other issues as detailed as possible in this material.

Why update your smartphone

Software update of modern devices is a very important aspect of using the device. First of all it concerns safety. Malicious software has reached iPhones, so it is imperative to use the latest version of iOS. As a rule, in this case, Apple manages to “close the holes” of security and does not threaten users.

Also an important advantage of the new OS are the function and additions. Engineers and designers Cupertino every year add innovations that will be useful to many. Developers are trying to implement these features into their applications as quickly as possible, which is why old versions of systems are no longer supported.

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What’s new in iOS 12

Apple during the presentation of iOS 12 put speed at the forefront. Indeed, the system is well “revived” the old device. The last update for iPhone 6S, although it was quite good, nevertheless had a lot of “lags” and various shortcomings.

Cupertino say the new OS:

  • The camera turns on up to 70% faster.
  • Keyboard appearance up to 50% faster
  • Opening applications faster up to 2 times

Among other innovations, the “Screen Time” function is worth mentioning. The essence of its work is to analyze your use of the smartphone. Frequently used applications are clearly shown there, and a limit is set for individual programs at this point. This is very useful for parents who want to restrict children from prohibited content.

In terms of security, Apple has added a ban on tracking sites of your activity. Now contextual advertising will not appear on all visited resources.

In addition, “Books”, “Promotions” were updated in version 12 of the OC, automatic filling of the password code from SMS appeared, and detailed statistics on the battery became available. 

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Preliminary procedures

Before updating the iPhone 6S to iOS 12, you need to do a number of actions. This will help avoid some problems in the future.

  • Make a backup. The most important and primary item. There is no chance that something will go wrong during the update. As a result, the smartphone will turn into a “brick”. It can be brought back to life, but lost data cannot be recovered. To avoid this, make a backup in iCloud or in iTunes on your computer. In the “cloud” it is done automatically. To make a copy on your PC, connect a smartphone to it and in iTunes choose the item “Create a copy now”. 
  • Clear the memory. It is important to know that it will take about 2 GB of free memory to download the firmware. Make sure that the smartphone has the required place. Best of all to remove unwanted applications and multimedia.
  • Install the latest version of iTunes. If the firmware will be done through a computer, then Apple’s proprietary program needs to be updated. This will eliminate compatibility issues and other errors.
  • Remove the beta profile. It is needed to test intermediate versions of the OS and its presence prevents the installation of the system. To erase it, go to “Settings” – “Basic” – “Profile”. Select the desired configurator and click “Delete Profile”. After that, restart the device.
  • Turn off VPN / Proxy. The popularity of bypassing locks has reached unimaginable limits; nevertheless, they can interfere with connecting to Apple servers. For correct firmware download, disable VPN and proxy.


So, how to update iPhone 6S to iOS 12. There are 2 ways to do this operation:

  1. “By air . ” It works only on a Wi-Fi connection! Before starting all the actions, it is better to connect an iPhone to a power source.   This method is also referred to as OTA – On The Air.   To perform it, go to “Settings” – “Basic”. There you need to find the item “Software Update”. After that, the smartphone will offer to install the latest version of iOS 12. After accepting the user agreement and entering the passcode, the procedure will start automatically.
  2. Through iTunes . The second method is a bit more complicated. It is believed that it is more reliable. To perform it, connect the iPhone to the computer. It is advisable to use the original lightning cable. Next, open iTunes, if it did not happen automatically. In the window that appears, find the “Update” button. Then the software will start downloading.

Typically, the installation process takes 15-20 minutes, the download depends on the speed of your Internet. It is worth remembering: in the first hours of the appearance of the Apple server firmware are overloaded, because of which the procedure can slow down. 

The second method should be used if an error occurs during an OTA update or when there is a shortage of memory on the device. The first method has a very good advantage: it allows you to postpone the installation. You can click the “Later” button and the smartphone will offer to update itself at night. To do this, you need to connect the device to the charging.

Finishing touch

When the iPhone 6s installs a new system, it may seem like everything is slowing down. Animations are jerky, programs open slowly. This is normal. The first time after the firmware, the device adapts and deletes the temporary caches. To speed up this process, you should force the smartphone to restart. To do it, simultaneously hold down the power and home buttons for a few seconds.

Thanks for reading this article How To Upgrade iPhone 6S To iOS 12. Keep with us for more articles about iPhone and iPhones bugs and fixes.

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