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How To Use Opera’s Built-in VPN On Android

How To Use Opera’s Built-in VPN On Android
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The latest version of the Opera browser integrates a free and unlimited VPN service to surf safely on the internet wherever you are. It’s one of the best tools to secure your data and protect your privacy without the need to install a third-party application. Here’s everything you need to know about the Opera Browser VPN.

Opera’s free VPN presentation

This is not the first time Opera has launched a VPN service. But unlike previous versions, the VPN is now integrated directly into the browser. You will no longer need to download a separate application to protect your internet browsing.

The other advantage of this system is its free. It does not require any subscription or in-app purchase. Which means you can use it for as long as you want without worrying about the time. And unlike many other competitors, it does not impose any data limitations.

Once activated, the browser’s VPN will route all your traffic to Opera’s servers via an encrypted tunnel. Your internet service provider and other people connected to your Wi-Fi access will no longer be able to monitor your activities on the net or even know which site you are surfing.

This extra layer of security is especially useful (if not essential) when navigating from a public network. Free Wi-Fi access in hotels, restaurants or airports does not offer data encryption. That’s why hackers love this type of Wi-Fi connection.

When we know the number of sensitive data on our smartphones we understand why it is essential to secure its Android smartphone with a VPN. In addition to protecting your connection, setting up this virtual private network will also allow you to completely hide your real IP address.

This option is far from negligible. As you may know, IP addresses are used by sites and streaming services to know your location. By choosing to browse with an IP address from another country (for example the United States), you make believe sites that you access the internet from the USA. This tip will be very useful for accessing the US catalog Netflix.

Obviously we find on the net a plethora of free VPN service. But most of them offer very low bit rates. Without an account that some of these companies do not hesitate to resell your personal data (historical sites visited) to advertisers or to inject their own ads on the screen of your smartphone. Someone has to pay what is free.

Many Internet users are sometimes very naive about new technologies, including VPN services. As you already know, if it’s free it’s the product.

Configure Opera VPN

Few VPN services offer a completely free service. Most solutions are constrained in time or volume. The mobile version of Opera (4.4 or higher) has a free and unlimited VPN service with encryption (256 bits). It is fully integrated with the application and does not require any additional registration.

To try the VPN, all you need to do is download the latest version of the Opera browser and activate it by following this short guide.

  • Open the Google Play Store and download Opera by clicking on this link
  • Launch the browser
  • By default the VPN service is disabled
  • Go to the settings by clicking on the Opera logo at the bottom of the window
  • Look for the VPN line
  • Press the Enable VPN button

That’s the VPN service is now operational on your phone. This does not mean that your mobile connection is protected. Opera’s VPN service can only be used during private browsing. You should therefore open a private tab by following the instructions below.

  • Click on the rectangle icon to open the tabs configuration mode
  • Press the Private button at the top left of the screen
  • Click the plus button to open a new tab

Once the VPN service is activated, a small blue badge should normally appear at the top left of the address bar. Your internet connection is now protected. The data transiting through your smartphone are encrypted to make them completely inaccessible to hackers.

Change your location

Opera VPN has many options including an IP address change system. The latter will allow you to choose a virtual location among the 4 locations proposed (optimal, Europe, America or Asia).

  • Open a private tab
  • Type the address of a website
  • Click on the blue badge on the left of the window
  • A new window will appear with the amount of data sent to the VPN service
  • Click on the Settings button
  • Press the Virtual Position button
  • Choose one of the proposed continents
  • If you want search engines to display personalized results based on your location, leave the Bypass VPN button for search enabled
  • Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) will be able to access your real IP address and detect your location

From this menu, you can also change the settings of the VPN service and enable it regardless of the type of tab. To do this, simply uncheck the box Use VPN for private tabs only.

Importantly, the VPN service can affect your connection speed and slow down web page loading. Finally know that the VPN Opera does not keep logs. This means that the company does not collect any information passing through the servers on its network.

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