iOS 13 Latest News: Rumors & Functions

iOS 13 Latest News: Rumors & Functions
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The presentation of iOS 13 is very close, we will see in the inaugural conference of the WWDC 2019 that Apple will celebrate next June in San Jose. The last weeks are being very intense in terms of rumors about the new operating system of the iPhone and iPad and have already revealed interesting details, also at the level of development of applications with new features.

Leaving aside the new Animojis that are expected to arrive, it seems that Apple will give the iPad a new dimension with iOS 13. The latest information ensures that with this version applications could access external storage devices and the iPad could add support for a mouse or trackpad.

iOS 13 can be a real revolution

The rumors began a year ago, iOS 12 was a transition to gain stability and with iOS 13 would come great changes. And all the rumors indicate it.

Starting with the first rumor, iOS 13 is expected to offer developers the ability to access external storage in their applications. This means that, for example, a photo editing application could access a hard drive or external drive that we connect to the iPad to read and edit the photos directly without having to copy them on the iPad itself.

The second rumor would mean another big change and is something that many want for years, the iPad could add support for a mouse or trackpad. According to the well-known developer Steven Troughton-Smith, iPad with iOS 13 may have an accessibility option that would enable a mouse.

No doubt these two features would make the iPad Pro a much more professional device. It is likely that more interesting applications appear, such as the full version of Photoshop that is about to reach the iPad. It seems that Apple finally takes iOS seriously and will offer a clear differentiation between the iPhone and the iPad.

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