iPhone Z Foldable Rumors, Release Date & Specifications

iPhone Z Foldable Rumors, Release Date & Specifications
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The folding smartphones appeared a few months ago with two somewhat different concepts, on the one hand, the Samsung Galaxy Fold where the screen is folded inward, and on the other the Huawei Mate X whose screen is folded out.

Neither device is cheap and we already know the problems that the Samsung Galaxy Fold has had, problems that have led to its indefinite delay. Many of us wondered what a flexible iPhone would be like and today we bring you a new concept that shows an iPhone in the style of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

This is the iPhone Z, or iPhone Fold

This concept looks like the Samsung Galaxy Fold but it goes further and we have three folds on the screen. In this way, we would have a large iPhone that becomes an iPad also with a very large screen. The concept has been made by Caviar, known for its exclusive and expensive covers.

This system of 3 folds would allow protecting most of the screen when the iPhone is folded and have a screen of more than 10 inches in tablet mode. However, being folded this iPhone would be too wide since it would be like three iPhone together.

This concept of iPhone Z would come with on-screen cameras, Touch ID under the screen that would be 6.6 inches without unfolding, when it became iPad we would have a panel of 10.4 inches. In addition, this would allow some interesting functions like a computer mode having the iPhone folded on a table.

No doubt it is an interesting concept, but it is something we will never see. I do not think Apple makes this decision and if in the future we see a folding iPhone it will be completely different. These concepts are good to entertain us, but surely Apple has much more interesting prototypes that will surely reach the market when the technology is really ready.

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