Moshi Avanti C Headphones Review, Price, Quality

Moshi Avanti C Headphones Review, Price, Quality
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The Moshi brand offers us its Avanti C, a type C headset with a premium design, great style, and incredible audio quality. Yes, its price is not suitable for all budgets.

The Avanti C by Moshi are headphones that allow you to listen to audio with great style. Its design, as well as comfortable, is incredibly aesthetic. In addition, it also fully supports the most important feature that headphones should have: sound quality.

However, their price makes them unfit for all budgets. So if your budget is tight, you might want to take a look at other cheaper headphones. Many of them also offer good sound quality, although surely their design and quality will not be as premium and exclusive as those of the Avanti C.

Moshi is one of the brands that little by little is gaining ground in the Spanish-speaking market. Their products, of which we have been able to try several, are usually characterized by offering excellent design and good quality at prices not very affordable.

In addition to travel bags, covers for smartphones, laptops, and tablets, the company dedicates a wide space to products related to sound: from headphones and helmets to Bluetooth speakers.

Perhaps the most outstanding point of Moshi is how much aesthetics care in all its products, and it would not be less in the case of its Avanti Type-C helmets, suitable both for use with a USB-C input and with A classic jack headphone jack.

At PCWorld, we had the opportunity to test them and we can assure you that our experience with them has been very good. Then we go deep into everything you need to know about Moshi’s Avanti C.

Price and availability

Let’s start with the worst: the price. As we explained above, the Avanti C are not cheap, and the truth is that nowadays you can find much cheaper alternatives in the market (renouncing the quality and excellent design of Moshi, of course).

On the other hand, if you can afford it, and you appreciate the quality and care in the finishing of the product, then Moshi is your brand, and the Avanti C, the helmets you are looking for.

If you wish, you can buy them through the official website of Moshi for € 239.95 by clicking on this link.

However, currently in Amazon, we have an excellent offer since you can buy them for € 69.99. Of course, this model does not come with the option of connection type C, so if your smartphone does not have a headphone jack, you will have to choose the most expensive option.

Design and manufacturing

The Avanti C has a very aesthetic design. In fact, when wearing them, they seem part of your look, making listening to music becomes a most stylish task.

The headband is formed by a stainless steel ring wrapped in the part that touches your head with a cushioned material, the same color as the helmets. This material will adapt to the shape of your head offering comfort.

In fact, we used them for a whole day’s work and they did not bother us at all, something also due to their lightness: unlike other helmets, the Avanti look and feel light, making you able to carry them for hours without bothering (they weigh 166 grams).

The helmets that rest on the ears, like the inner part covered with the headband, are made of synthetic leather, thus providing a touch of elegance while fulfilling their promise to create products committed to the environment.

You can get them in three different colors: black onyx, burgundy red or caramel beige (the ones we used to write this review ). On the other hand, the case that comes included, in which you can comfortably transport helmets, comes only in gray.

A factor that we liked a lot is the care that Moshi has had in ergonomics when designing these helmets since they can be easily adapted to any head. The helmets are raised and lowered and the headband is widened to sit comfortably on people of different characteristics.

It is also true that the helmets do not have the classic round shape with a hollow in the internal part, which makes that when wearing them it seems that they do not collect our ears well. However, we get used to this new feature after a few minutes of use, and the rectangular shape seems, at least aesthetically, quite original.

Audio quality

Here comes the important part: the quality of the sound. The truth is that the Avanti C win also in this field, offering a very favorable sound experience, as can be expected from a headset of this price.

Moshi has integrated a digital to analog converter (DAC) with a class G amplifier thanks to which you can enjoy the sound in an enveloping way. In addition, although they do not have sound cancellation as such, we can say that they block and isolate external noise quite well thanks to its supra-aural design.

Its sound frequency range is 15-22,000 kHz, which compared to much more expensive models like the Sony WH-1000XM3 stays in the middle (4-40,000 kHz), as well as its price.

If we compare it with more similar price models, such as Anker Soundcore Space NC, we find frequencies of 16-20,000, that is, minors, in addition to losing the excellent and exclusive design offered by Moshi with his Avanti C.

The Avanti C do not distort at any time, even at full volume (although you probably never want to put them to the maximum if you appreciate your ear).

The highs offer a great variety of nuances and the middle ranges are clear and clear, without losing acoustic richness. The bass may be the point at which the Avanti falter, without this meaning that it offers serious bad.

What we want to say is that they may not convince those who love to listen to the serious forcefulness of a subwoofer in their ears, but the average user will love all the sounds that the Avanti emit, from the highs, middles, to the bass.


The Avanti C are compatible with any device that admits a headphone jack input or USB-C input, since in the box we find both cables (another reason that makes us adore these helmets).

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, do not despair as there is a wide variety of adapters from Lightning to USB-C or 3.5 mm jack (or both) at very affordable prices. You can click on this link to find different adapters on Amazon.

If you prefer an official adapter, Moshi also offers different models of adapters that will be very useful for the owners of iPhone. You can check them out by clicking on this link.

And if you’re wondering if these helmets offer Bluetooth connection, the answer is no, something that, in our opinion, subtracts points in favor of the Avanti C.

Benefits and tools

The Avanti cable comes with the classic buttons to raise and lower the volume, so you can control it without having to take the device out of your pocket. They also come with a button called ‘DJ Boost’, thanks to which you can control the sound equalization.

That’s right, Moshi, with his Avanti C, offers you a customizable equalizer, something that lovers of music and sound will love. You can download an app on your Android smartphoneand configure and save different EQ profiles.  

The third button on the cable allows you to turn on the microphone, something that will be useful to answer calls if you are using your smartphone while listening to music with the Avanti C.


  • Frequency response: 15-22,000 Hz (-10dB)
  • Weight: 166 grams
  • Package weight: 860 grams
  • Connectivity: USB-C and Jack
  • Materials: synthetic leather and stainless steel
  • Class G amplifier
  • Equalization software available


The Avanti C are very beautiful helmets, with an exclusive design, which also offer an excellent sound quality, rich in nuances, without distortion with blunt bass.

We like that they come with two cables, one for USB C connection and one for headphone jack input , but we are a bit disappointed that they do not support Bluetooth connection.

Even so, the Avanti C of Moshi are very good headphones that, if you can afford, are worth it. They will like those who, in addition to worrying about the quality of their hearing, care about the aesthetics, design and ergonomics of their helmets.

They are also suitable for those who need to use their helmets in their day to day, as its lightness and gray cover that accompany them make them very easy to carry in any bag or backpack.

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