Now Play PS4 From iPhone or iPad Remotely

Now Play PS4 From iPhone or iPad Remotely
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If you are a lover of video games and your console is the Sony PS4 you are lucky, the Japanese company has just launched its official application for iOS with which you can play all the games you have on PS4 from your iPhone or iPad.

Thanks to PS4 Remote Play you can remotely access your PS4 from any Wi-Fi network and play your favorite games directly on the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

How to play the PS4 from the iPhone

Thanks to this new application, you can start your PS4 and play any game downloaded or that is introduced from your iPhone or iPad. That is, your iOS device will become the screen of the PS4. In order to play we will have virtual controls on the screen.

The only thing we must do to play the PS4 from the iPhone or iPad is to download the PS4 Remote Play app from the App Store and update the console to the latest version. Once you have everything, the application will guide you step by step to configure this function of the PS4.

Sony recommends having at least iOS 12.1 installed on our device as well as being connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi network. At the moment it is not possible to play through the mobile data network.

Also you will not be able to use the Dualshock 4 controller with the application at the moment, so you should use the controls on the screen. Although if you only use the iPad as a second screen and you’re at home, the command will work if it is within range of the PS4.

Now you can play the PS4 from anywhere without having to transport it thanks to the Sony PS4 Remote Play app. Depending on which version of the console you have the quality of the retransmission will be better or worse , but in any case it is an excellent option.

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