Nubia Alpha Reviews, Date, Price, Specifications

Nubia Alpha Reviews, Date, Price, Specifications
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After surprising us with the folding phones like the Huawei Mate X and the Samsung Galaxy Fold , we have again surprised with the Nubia Alpha, a device that offers a totally different mobile experience than what we are used to. Read here Nubia Alpha reviews before you go to buy this.

The Nubia Alpha is essentially a smartwatch with a strap that acts as a screen. Nubia says that strap-screen allows you to do everything that allows you to make a smartphone.

In this article we offer you the most essential information about the Nubia Alpha Reviews.

When will Nubia Alpha be available?

The official launch of Nubia Alpha will depend mainly on the place where you are. The Bluetooth-only model will be launched this April in China, the United States and Europe. If you are wondering about Nubia Alpha Reviews then stay here and read the full article.

If you want the version with eSIM that will allow you to make calls without having a smartphone connected , then you will have to wait a little longer. This version will be available in April in China, although it will not reach Europe until the third quarter of the year, and the United States, the fourth.

How much will the Nubia Alpha cost?

Obviously, the price will depend on the model you choose. The version with only Bluetooth will cost € 449, while the eSIM version will jump to € 549 (the basic version in black). There will be a more expensive model of € 649 that will come plated in 18 carat gold.

What does Nubia Alpha offer?

The strong point of Nubia Alpha is the design, as it is really surprising. The device has a flexible 4-inch OLED screen that has been custom built with Visionox.

The flexible screen is embedded in an anodized stainless steel body (or 18-carat gold if you opt for the most expensive variant), with a bracelet that connects them, which is also resistant to water and heat.

The custom operating system promises to be impressive: it has support for aerial gestures, voice commands and a range of multi-touch gestures to get the most out of Alpha without obstructing the screen with icons.

Nubia says that the operating system is “infinitely customizable” and offers a “new way of interacting with what matters most to you”. However, we will wait to be able to test the clock-phone to be able to talk about whether it really is as practical and customizable as the brand itself affirms.

It would not be considered a wearable without a range of sensors to monitor aspects such as heart rate, sleep monitoring, exercise monitoring and much more.Sponsored Links

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All this sounds like smartwatch or smart watch, so what makes Nubia Alpha Reviews a smartphone? Your eSIM support along with Bluetooth and wifi, for example. Thanks to this you can send messages, make calls and access the Internet without having to match the clock to a smartphone.

It is not the first portable device that offers support for eSIM, but it is undoubtedly the first that claims to eliminate the need for a smartphone.

One of the most sought-after tools in modern smartphones is undoubtedly the camera or cameras of the device. Nubia has not overlooked this. The Alpha has a 5Mp camera embedded in the screen that can be activated with a light hit.

And if we look inside, how powerful is the Nubian Alpha? In this case, you will not find a set of standard smartphone chips in the Alpha, but Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 along with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage.

The 2100 is a pretty old-fashioned chipset (it was launched in February 2016), which makes us wonder why such a novel device has not decided to choose the most recent Snapdragon Wear 3100.

In spite of everything, the Nubia Alpha seems to us a most interesting device that we are dying to try, but we have some doubts about whether it is really capable of replacing the need for a smartphone as Nubia affirms.

We will have to wait until we prove it to be able to confirm it.

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