PlayStation 5 Date, Price, Specifications

PlayStation 5 Date, Price, Specifications
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The PlayStation 5 is on the way and Mark Cerny, the architect of the PS4, revealed the first details about the console, specs, and something else. Read all the details and what was revealed so far, next!

Sony works on what will be the PlayStation 5 and today we finally receive the first details about it. In an interview with Wired, the architect Mark Cerny finally revealed some information about the next hardware of the PS family. Namely, some of the highlights are 8K graphics, 3D audio, SSD disk to reduce loading times, and backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 games.

Mark Cerny was the development leader for the PlayStation 4, and hinted that the new generation is much more than an improved version of the hardware as was the PS4 Pro. The hardware of the PlayStation 5 is completely new and has a CPU 8 – core line based Ryzen of AMD, a GPU custom technology – based Radeon Navi of AMD. This means that the console will use ray-tracing technology in graphics for the first time outside of the PC. The final result of all this: the PS5It will support 8K of the resolution, if you have a TV that takes it.

Another aspect that Cerny emphasized is the audio. The PlayStation 5 will have a custom unit that will give more immersive sound from speakers or headphones. In addition, your hard drive will be replaced by an SSD drive to lower load times that Wired journalists could see in a test drive. Basically, Spider-man of PS4 loaded in less than a second instead of the 15 it takes to PS4. This is a key factor – the console is completely retro-compatible with PlayStation 4 since its architectures are much more similar than it was the PS3 so your library can easily make the leap to the next generation.

A curious detail – the jump to the PlayStation 5 will be slower than with the PS4, and many future games will launch for both consoles. The great mystery is what will happen with PSVR, although we know that the current unit will also be compatible with PS5.

The PlayStation 5 still has no release date, but Cerny made it clear that it will not launch in 2019. However, there are already teams that develop games for the next-gen and have access to development kits, so 2020 sounds like a probable date.

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