Recover Android App Apk & Transfer To Another Phone

Recover Android App Apk & Transfer To Another Phone
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Many of you are wondering if there is a way to back up an application on a phone and then reinstall it on a new smartphone. Well, the answer is yes and we prove it to you. In this guide you will learn how to extract an application from an Android smartphone to copy to another phone.

Recover an application on a phone

The backup system of Android is far from perfect. Changing your phone without losing your data can very quickly turn into a real obstacle course. One of the most frustrating aspects when buying a new smartphone is not being able to recover all the information stored in its old device. You may have already experienced it.

Things have improved a lot since the cloud was tightly integrated with Google services. Now the migration of calendars, contacts, photos, favorites of web pages and music pose virtually no problem. There remains the thorny issue of applications.

Of course, nothing prevents you from going to the Play Store and reinstalling all your favorite applications. The only problem with this method is that it is not possible to recover an app deleted from the Google store.

Another problem is that some manufacturers offer applications reserved for their only device. Concretely this means that if you opt for a phone of a competing brand you will be able to cross on some of your apps. Rather annoying, no?

Extract an application from a smartphone in APK format

You hesitate to change your smartphone, for fear of losing your favorite applications? Know that there are now various tools like APK Extractor to record a copy of the applications installed on a mobile. The procedure does not pose any difficulty but requires some manipulations that we will detail below.

  • Open the Play Store app on your old smartphone
  • Click on the search form
  • Enter the name of the tool that can save your apps to know APK Extractor
  • Download and install the app on your device
  • Make sure your smartphone has enough storage space to back up your apps
  • Then open APK Extractor
  • The tool will display a list of all the applications installed on your phone including system apps. Do not hesitate to use the search system to find the software of your choice more quickly.
  • Click on the name of the application you wish to back up
  • Wait a few seconds for APK Extractor to register your application in APK format
  • Click OK at the end of the operation

The APK Extractor app is available in two versions. The paid version offers exactly the same features as its free counterpart, fewer ads. And the latter is far from superfluous given the embarrassment caused by these advertisements.

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Note that in the settings of APK Extractor, you will find an option to differentiate the system apps from those installed by the user. It is in this menu that you will also be able to modify the storage location of the backups of your applications.

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Transfer an application to a new phone

As we have seen before, saving your applications in APK format has many advantages. Nevertheless a backup has no use if we do not know how to restore it. This is what we will see later in this tutorial.

During this manipulation we will use a computer. This will allow us to send the security copy in APK format on another phone. Note that it is quite possible to transfer the backups of its applications via Bluetooth .

  • Launch the APK Extractor app on your old phone
  • Click the Menu button (3 superimposed points) to open the application settings
  • Locate the line labeled Saved path and note the path name of the backup directory
  • Then connect your device to your computer with a USB cable
  • Unlock your phone and click the OK button to allow your computer to use USB to transfer files
  • Launch the Windows Explorer software
  • Click on this PC icon
  • Select your smartphone in the Devices and Drives section
  • Open the storage directory of your backups
  • Transfer your APK files to your PC’s hard drive
  • Disconnect your smartphone

Now all you have to do is connect your new smartphone to your computer and transfer your backups.

Install an APK file on a smartphone

The vast majority of smartphone owners install their apps from the Play Store. But it is possible to manually install an application without using the official Google store.

  • Open Google Settings
  • Go to the section Security and confidentiality
  • Scroll down the window and press the More button
  • Click the Install apps from unknown sources button
  • Select from the list the name of your file manager

You can now install applications directly from your file manager. All you need to do is open the directory containing the backups and click on the APK file to start the installation of your application .

Once the operation is complete do not forget to disable the option to install apps from unknown sources. This will help you reduce security risks. Some APK files contain viruses or malware.

The solution presented in this article can be very useful in many cases. We do not always think about it and yet some application updates pose a lot of problems: problems of instability, completely failed user interface redesigns or function disappearances. So many reasons to go back to an old version of an Android application.

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