Samsung Galaxy Buds Review, Price, Sound Quality

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review, Price, Sound Quality
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The new Samsung Galaxy Buds headset replaces the IconX so you can now charge your case wirelessly with your Galaxy S10 +. Here all the news in this review.

After testing, we are convinced that the Galaxy Buds are a significant improvement over the previous IconX, especially in terms of price and autonomy. 

In the market there are many other options of wireless headphones with intense competition, so we are not sure that they are the best in quality, but they do have something differential, which is their wireless charge. The capacity of the internal battery of 252 mAh each, gives to grant an autonomy close to 5 hours of conversation or a whole day in standby mode . 

The new Galaxy S10 series, along with the Galaxy Fold, were the main protagonists of the announcement made by Samsung, but with them, also came the new Galaxy Buds headset, a Galaxy Watch Active, and the smart bracelet Galaxy Fit.

Then, we tell you all its main features and news, and what is better than the previous IconX headsets of the company. Is it worth your purchase ?. What should Apple learn and emulate for its new AirPods 2? Here the first contact with these headphones.


The first big news is that you can buy the new Galaxy Buds at a price of € 149  a much lower amount than the one that was launched the previous generation Samsung Gear IconX, whose price was € 199. In this way, the wireless option becomes more affordable.

In addition, another great news is that for those who book the purchase of a new Galaxy S10 + before March 7 will receive as a gift the Galaxy Buds, reason that leads us to make this review so you know all the news.

Design and finishes

You can find the Galaxy Buds in three different colors: neon yellow, black and white. In the case of the last mentioned, say that it has a kind of pearl effect on the outside of the handset.

Regardless of the color chosen, the Galaxy Buds turn out to be smaller and lighter than the Gear IconX. In fact, they are 30 percent smaller and weigh 5.6 grams less each, making them more comfortable to wear in the ears for hours.

In the box, they accompany three different sizes of rubber so that you can fix the one that best fits your ears. As with the previous IconX, they fit well and stay firm even on your jog outs. 

Among the messages launched by Samsung, it stands out that they can be used in the gym or in your daily workouts, but we have not seen on your specification sheet any mention of resistance to water or sweat.

On the outside of each earphone there is a touch sensitive area so you can easily control music playback, pause or skip any track. You can also use them to control your calls or interact with the Bixby voice assistant.

Both sides do the same, so it does not matter which one you are heading to if you have one or the other hand occupied. We miss some possibility of slightly controlling the volume, for which you will have to go to the controls of your smartphone .

To close the comments related to the design of the Galaxy Buds, mention that you have a base to store them and that they are loaded during the time you do not use them. The other great novelty is that the case supports both USB C charging and wireless charging.

If you already have a Galaxy S10 (here our first impressions) , you can use the PowerShare function to wirelessly charge the case by simply placing it on the back of the phone. This is tremendously comfortable, especially when you travel or you are away from home. 

Characteristics and sound quality

A key aspect of Apple’s AirPods is that they are easy to pair with the iPhone, something that the Galaxy Buds replicate on Android. When you open the box, your Samsung phone should find them and display a message on the screen. We verify that this works even as well with the iPhone.

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Try opening the lid of the case and the mobile will show you the charge of the battery that each of them has. Personally, we had the opportunity to try the previous IconX and this was something that did not work well. In fact, you ran out of battery and they did not warn you about it.

From Samsung they guarantee that this functionality is compatible with other models of mobile phones that run with the version of Android 7.1.1 or higher and with the SmartThings app installed. 

However, if you do not support your mobile device, you will not know the case’s charge. Although an LED located on its front indicates that it is charging, there is no way to know how much energy is left to the box, a fact that could be improved. With a set of four or five LEDs and a push button, you could quickly check the charge level of the case. 

After a few hours of use, we are impressed with the quality offered by the Galaxy Buds with AKG sound, the same that prevails in the wired headphones that are included in the Galaxy S10 series. Samsung keeps them as standard in their boxes, in addition to the mini-jack connector present in the three new models. 

Helped by the application of the Galaxy Buds, you can control many of its functions. You have an equalizer so you can adjust the desired sound profile or even the functions associated with the beats on the headphones. With the option of ambient sound, you can listen to what is happening around you using the external microphones. 

The Wearable application also allows you to choose which notifications are allowed and to be able to locate them at a given time if you have them scattered around the house. Helped by internal sensors, they stop playing music when you take them off your ear. 

Specifically, we will offer a comparison of all the new wireless headphones that are emerging in the market, measuring not only the quality of the same, but also the autonomy times and control functions contemplated. 

Meanwhile, we can say that the Galaxy Buds offer a fairly flat response without highlighting in the low or mid range. This makes them a good choice for most users, being efficient in many types and modalities of different music that you listen to.

It has five equalizer modes so you can try them and see if they fit your personal tastes or the type of content you’re listening to.

Another section that we have tested is the adaptive dual microphone. Each unit (right and left) has an internal and external microphone. There is no noise cancellation, which is a pity, but they are used for calls and allow the ambient sound to reach our ears in key situations, such as strolling down the street.

In terms of battery life, you will reach up to 6 hours of music playback or 5 hours with an intensive use of calls. Samsung says that the case allows to increase the playing time of music until 1 pm and conversation at 11 am.

According to the specifications, the battery of 58 mAh for each unit and 252 mAh of the case suggest that you should be able to charge it at least twice to one hundred percent. For its part, a quick charge of only 15 minutes gives an approximate use of 2 hours.


The evolution of the Galaxy Buds, substitutes of the previous Samsung IconX, seem to have improved something as key as autonomy. Not only do they offer longer usage times, but they also optimize the energy saving mode so you do not download when you do not use them.

Another point in its favor is that, if you have one of the new Galaxy S10, you can use its PowerShare function to charge them again anywhere, without relying on cable or power plug.

A more compact and lighter design, a better battery and some ingenious features mean that Samsung’s wireless headphones evolve very positively, with the incentive that you can buy them at a recommended price that improves on the previous ones. However, if you are looking for a better quality, our recommendation is to opt for the purchase of RHA True Connect. 


  • Wireless headphones
  • Finished in color: Black, white, or neon yellow
  • Dynamic Driver 5.8pi
  • Touch controls in both
  • Accelerometer, Proximity, Touch, Ear on / off detection
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Charging case with USB-C and wireless charging
  • Headset: 58 mAh / Charging case: 252 mAh
  • Weight of 5.6 grams per unit

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