Soundcore Life 2 Bluetooth Headset Review & Price

Soundcore Life 2 Bluetooth Headset Review & Price
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Soundcore returns to surprise us with new headphones with better battery life, noise cancellation, and an improved design. In this article, we tell you all the essentials about Soundcore Life 2: sound quality, price, specifications and much more.

The truth is that many times you pay for the brand, and this is not the case of the Life 2. Soundcore headphones equal in sound quality and design to much more expensive brands without having to pay the extra that is supposed to look a well-known logo

That’s why we like them. For that reason, and for its functional and ergonomic design, how comfortable they are, the blunt bass they offer, the great noise cancellation, the improved durability of your battery and, above all, its price. Few headphones for less than 100 euros you will find that they offer this quality.

Soundcore is one of Anker sub-brands that is still able to surprise us with its audio products. His style: an unbeatable quality-price ratio and a premium design that smells of quality.

This has been our thinking to open the box in which Life 2, the latest model of circumaural headphones that the Chinese company has designed and manufactured. For € 79.99 you take home a quality device and the security of feeling supported by a brand that always complies.

Something that has caught our attention has been the reduction in the price of the Life 2 compared to previous helmets of the brand such as the Soundcore Space NC.

There are 20 euros that differentiate the old model from the new one, which makes us think that Soundcore has learned to take better advantage of what it has to offer quality products without having to raise prices.

Then, we analyze in depth all the features of the Soundcore Life 2 headphones and explain why they are worth it (or not).

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Price and availability

If you are in Spain, you are interested in accessing Amazon.es to get the Life 2 headphone model from Soundcore. Currently, they can be purchased for € 79.99.

If you are in Mexico, the sale price is $ 1,990, you can buy them in this case on the Amazon Mexico website by clicking on this link.

For now, the official website of the company is only available in English, but in case this does not pose a problem for you, you can also check it through this link.

Design and manufacturing

We like them. They differ a lot from other models with a finer style, such as Moshi’s Avanti C, but the truth is that the Life 2, despite looking something big and compact, are incredibly comfortable helmets to wear.

They will adapt immediately to your head thanks to the adjustable headband, and your ears thanks to the viscoelastic pads able to remember your shape and adapt better and better to your face.

The truth is that we have had the opportunity to use them during whole days of work, and they do not weigh, they do not feel uncomfortable and they do not bother. The pads perfectly collect your ear isolating you from the outside world, thanks also to its noise cancellation tool of which we speak later.

In the left handset we find the ANC button, that is, the button that will allow you to activate or deactivate the noise cancellation. There is also the on and off button.

In the other handset, the right one, will allow you to raise and lower the volume (if you press longer these same buttons you can move and rewind songs), as well as pause a song if necessary.

The buttons stand out more than we would like and contrast with the tactile modalities of high-end headphones, such as the Sony WH-1000XM3.

The completely black finish makes them a much more elegant device than the previous helmet model of the brand, the Space NC. Although we also liked them, the truth is that the Life 2 look a lot more premium. In short: they feel and seem much more expensive than they are.

Once again, the headphones come with a case that will allow you to carry them in any bag or backpack without damaging them, a detail by the company that adds points to the quality of the product.

The helmets can be easily folded and collected in the protective case, so they will not occupy as much space as it may appear in the photos. In addition, the case contains a small network that will allow you to keep the cables without getting tangled.

The premium design of the helmets, looks more functional than aesthetic, but we are aware that this can be a preference for many and many users. We would like them to be available in more colors instead of only in black.

Audio quality

The new Life 2 of Soundcore show off its most remarkable tool, the active cancellation of effective noise or ANC, which we already saw in its previous Space NC.

Although it is true that the range of media worsens slightly when noise cancellation is activated, it is also true that taking into account the price of this device, we can throw little on their faces.

In fact, your ANC is pretty good. We used them in public transport in London and managed to isolate us practically completely from the outside noise of the big city.

We think it important that this function can be deactivated, especially if you decide to take them while walking or while exercising on public roads as it could be dangerous not to be aware of traffic noises or other vehicles.

The shape of the pads that, as we explained above, completely collect your ear, and the good ANC of the Life 2, make the background noise is significantly reduced and help you enjoy your music in a much more pleasant .

If we could open them, we would find a driver of 40 millimeters in diameter on each side and with a Hi-Res quality certification. This achieves a clear and balanced sound, with clear treble, without distortion (not at maximum volume), and with blunt bass.

Speaking of serious: if you are one of those who enjoy those strong basses that make you rumble, you can activate the ‘ bass-up’ mode , thanks to which some more remarkable bass will be achieved.

For that function of the bass, you probably prefer to use them to listen to musical genres in which abound this type of sound, over more vocal genres or with more highs.


They are easy to use. Like any other pair of Bluetooth speakers, you only have to press the pairing button, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone or device you want to connect and select Life 2 cases in the list of devices that appear.

If you use Bluetooth connectivity, you can get away from the device you connect up to about 10 meters, although you rarely need to get away from it that much.

On the other hand, if you do not want to spend a battery, you can use them with an AUX cable (included in the box). Keep in mind that if you turn on the noise cancellation, the battery will continue to be consumed even if the headphones are connected.

As for the battery, the truth is that its duration is surprising, especially considering that this is a device that costs less than 80 euros. If you use them with Bluetooth, the battery will last about 28 hours (although Soundcore ensures that 30); 60 hours if you use cable and ANC (surely it will be something less than 60 hours) and, obviously, they will last unlimited if you use the cable and do not activate the cancellation of sound.

When the battery of the helmets runs out and you need to charge them, you will have to wait two and a half hours until they are fully charged again.

The speakers have a built-in microphone, which will allow you to record. When we tested it we realized that although it is excellent in quieter environments, it distorted slightly when we used it in the street with a lot of background noise.

However, the AUX cable comes with a microphone for calls that corrects that failure when there is noise. We tried it to call in the same noise environment and our interlocutor could hear us without problem.


  • Circumaural or over-ear headphones
  • Battery: 30 hours with Bluetooth and ANC, 60 hours with cable and ANC, unlimited with cable without ANC
  • Charge duration: 2 and a half hours
  • Materials: viscoelastic foam pads, plastic
  • Cancellation of noise: yes
  • Microphone: yes
  • Adjustable headband: yes
  • Weight: 263 grams
  • Protective cover: included
  • BassUpTM technology
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • AUX cable included

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