Top 10 Best UX Tools For Designers

Top 10 Best UX Tools For Designers
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These are the main tools used by web designers for prototyping, production phases, design and usability tests in different screen sizes and platforms. Trial versions and prices of the full versions of these UX tools.

As the development of new applications grows, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) type design tools have acquired a greater prominence among developers, graphic designers, creative agencies and users related to the creative area.

These UX tools allow you to face the different stages of the workflow of a project, from research to design, through prototyping and final delivery.

It is enough to shop around the website of the prestigious Audi brand, for example, to see how techniques associated with a new UX with UI designs have made it possible for the brand to be reborn from its classic and traditional design.

Depending on the device from which you visit the web, or log in to your profile, you will get an experience adapted to your screen and the power of the graphics, with the possibility of using car configurators and customize it to your liking.

In short, it is about offering the user the information they are looking for instantly, in an accessible, clean and intuitive way, whether it is a mobile application or through a simple web browser.

If you happen to work in the sector or start making your first steps in the interface design, here is a complete list of the main UX design tools available in the market.

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The best UX tools for designers

Adobe XD

Adobe Experience Design CC, also known as Adobe XD (which means experience design) was launched in 2016 as part of Creative Cloud. Since then it has been established as a complete UX design tool of the most efficient.

As an Adobe offer for UI and UX designers, it allows designing mobile applications and web pages, receiving almost monthly updates focused on functions for designers.

Adobe XD allows you to control and customize your experience, get live feedback and preview projects in real time on mobile devices. With the latest XD update, designers can work with third-party tools and preview XD files stored on Dropbox.

With interactive prototyping, you can publish and share the prototype, which can be viewed on the web or with the Adobe XD mobile application. However, the XD prototypes do not have support for gestures or fixed sections like headers, something that is possible with other similar tools.Sponsored Links

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It is always possible to try Adobe XD Starter Plan for free for a period of time, available for Mac, Windows and iOS and Android mobile applications. The unique version of Adobe XD presents a monthly plan of € 12.09 per month. 


The tool of Framer rivals with others of greater reputation like Adobe XD or Invision. It offers everything necessary for design, prototyping, and development, with the possibility of carrying out animations and sharing the work with user groups.

Framer is very focused on the design of various types of screens and the creation of interactive prototypes. As with Adobe XD, it is possible to make designs that come alive with interactions and animations.

The Amsterdam-based company offers a free trial version of 14 days, with subsequent plans starting at $ 12 a month, with unlimited product updates and the ability to tackle unlimited projects.

You can start the 14 day trial version.


Of Invision it is possible to emphasize the power offered by the tools centered in the creation of prototypes, that allow you to create quickly interactive models with real web experience.

It also offers mobile prototypes with gestures with the possibility of initiating user tests from an iPhone, including screen recordings, videos and audio from users who test their prototypes.

At the end of last year, InVision announced that its new digital design and UX application would be free for all users. InVision has launched Studio, a rival of XD, Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch, as well as any tool aimed at designing applications and websites.

You can work on designs for a specific screen size or type, as well as see that design automatically adapted to other devices. The asset library can be shared among teams of people, and designs can be quickly uploaded to the InVision platform to share with others within an organization.

You can start using the Invision platform here. 


Simple, efficient and acclaimed among professionals, is a key piece in the world of design to the point that some users have adopted leaving behind the Photoshop itself to touch up your photos and projects.

And is that many people at this point think that their ability to create different layers for each new object means that it will allow you to be more creative with the development and combinations to raise it in the project.

You can test the free version of Sketch for a period of 30 days. Your annual license that guarantees the updates is priced at € 110 per year.


Gliffy allows you to create flowcharts, schemas, UML diagrams, website maps and much more at a reasonable price and without the need to carry out software downloads.

It really allows you to create any type of diagram to organize your thoughts and ideas, whether you want to store them for later reference, or share them with developers or workgroups.

It offers various pricing plans depending on whether you intend to have a personal or equipment license, which starts at $ 4.99 per month. You can also generate PDF files to share the drafts of the works in a universal way.

You can request the Gliffy trial version here . 

OmniGraffle 7

From the outset, we would say that this tool will only benefit users of Apple devices, since OmniGraffle is aimed at users of Mac and iOS, to the point of having to buy both versions of the application separately, which increases its cost.

Compared to the other UX tools analyzed here, OmniGraffle belonging to OmniGroup offers an advanced way of visually representing ideas, tasks and activities through diagrams and diagrams.

As with the rest, you can take a look at the trial version of 14 days before buying the versions of each device, at a cost of $ 99.99 for the Mac and $ 49.99 for iOS.  

Visio Online

Visio Online from Microsoft creates diagrams quickly and easily, with the advantage that it can be linked with many other Microsoft services, such as Excel, as well as with the OneDrive cloud storage service. You do not need to install any additional plugins .

The simple and simple design greatly facilitates the movement and movement of your options and tools, offering an infinity of graphics and preconceived start diagrams, as well as tips and tricks of use.

Pricing plans start at € 4.20 per month with a commitment to annual use, although there is also Plan 2, ideal for those who work as a team and seek improved compatibility with AutoCAD drawings, among others. 


Another great prototyping tool with which you can design and share projects thanks to the server that provides in which it is possible to publish the prototypes in a private way associated with documentation and interactive specifications.

You can create simple diagrams at the click of a mouse, as well as prototypes with data-based interactions without having to write a single line of code. It is also especially good handling wireframe , the representations of lower quality that shows the elements of a web, as well as its navigation flow and location.

You can try Axure for an extended period of 30 days, with versions for both MacOS and Windows. The prices that the application handles vary between 29 dollars per month for the Pro version, and 49 dollars for the group modality. 


For web application environments, Proto.io is surprisingly powerful. It has many functions to create mobile applications, and although it can be somewhat overwhelming because of the large number of possibilities, it includes the possibility of drag and drop.

You can also design in Proto.io or import designs from other alternative solutions such as Sketch or Photoshop, which is quite useful. You can share projects with clients, create previews, or use multiple screens for a single project. 

As a good cloud-based application, you can only use it if your computer has an Internet connection. In its favor, it should be noted that Proto.io also offers a Proto.io Player application, for both iOS and Android, to test the prototypes on the real device.

Try Proto.io free for 15 days, before purchasing the full version for a price of $ 24 per month for a single user. 


The good thing about Photoshop for UX is that, probably, you already have it. Add to this the one that you are familiar with the tool. But there are many who will wonder if it is suitable for the design of UX? Let’s not forget that it was developed as a photo editor, not as a UX design tool.

That is why many digital design agencies are switching to other solutions such as Sketch or InVision. But Adobe is aware that the future for UX environments, which is why many of the extensions that are released are intended for UX.

And is that in certain areas such as animation, font management and color, Photoshop continues to be better to address the latest stages of UX design: high-quality models, which are what it is made for.

The current price of Adobe Photoshop is € 36.29 per month, with the possibility of acquiring it as part of Adobe Creative Cloud for only € 24.19.

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