Xiaomi AirDots Pro Review, Price & Specifications

Xiaomi AirDots Pro Review, Price & Specifications
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At the beginning of last January, the Asian manufacturer presented the Xiaomi AirDods Pro, a new alternative to Apple Airpods that are characterized by a design very similar to the solution of the manufacturer based in Cupertino. But, is it worth your purchase? We bring you a complete analysis of the Xiaomi AirDods Pro to answer this question.

We speak of independent wireless headphones that have a price much lower than the solution of the American manufacturer; Xiaomi AirDots Pro costs only 80 euros with shipping costs included through Amazon, while AirPods are around 229 euros. More than 100 euros difference between one model and another.

Analysis of the Xiaomi AirDots Pro: design

In terms of design, it is clear that the Beijing-based firm has been clearly inspired by Apple’s independent wireless headphones, to offer a product very similar to AirPods. Yes, Xiaomi has wanted to launch a very clear alternative for the solution of its great rival, and the AriDots Pro is a clear example of this.

Following the aesthetics of these wireless and independent headphones, say that the Xiaomi AirDots arrive with a charging case, how could it be otherwise in a solution of this type. While it is true that the box is slightly larger than the AirPods 2, the design is still quite measured allowing us to carry them in your pocket without any problem. And if we consider that weighs only 50 grams, we can not criticize anything in this regard.

On the front of the charging case of the Xiaomi AirDots , we find a LED indicator that will indicate the remaining battery, while at the bottom we have the USB port Type C to charge the device, in addition to a side button with the that we can pair the headphones with our smartphone or tablet comfortably and easily.

The headphones are perfectly coupled to the case, although we must say that at first it costs a bit to remove them from the case, although with the passage of time you get used to its mechanism. Let’s see how the Xiaomi AirDots Pro headphones are. And we already told you that the work done by the firm is more than correct.

To begin with, each of the helmets weighs less than 6 grams , so they will not bother you at all after prolonged use. To this, we must add the interchangeable pads that allow us to adjust the headphones to any type of ear canal.

As you can see in the images that accompany this analysis of the Xiaomi AirDots Pro, the headphones are slightly larger than the AirPods, but in return, they have greater autonomy, a detail to take into account. And yes, how could it be otherwise in a device of this type, the new wireless and independent headphones of the Chinese firm come with a built-in microphone to make calls comfortably, in addition to a touch panel that will allow us to activate different functions.

Taking into account that we can also choose between the black and white colors when buying the Xiaomi AirDots Pro, not to mention its resistance to water through the IPX4 certification , we must say that in terms of design they have nothing that envy Apple’s AirPods, his great rival to beat.

Analysis of the Xiaomi AirDots Pro: features

We have already seen that the design of the AirDots Pro of Xiaomi will exceed the expectations of any user, being an excellent alternative to the AirPods of the American firm. But how do they work at the auditory level? Is it worth your purchase?

On paper we find a device that has a diaphragm of 7 mm that reaches an impedance of 16 omni. And, after having been testing Xiaomi’s AirDots Pro , we have to say that the sound quality is more than remarkable. The headphones sound really good, within the range in which they are, in addition to having a range of up to 10 hours, another detail that makes them an excellent alternative to AirPods. And beware, the case has a fast charge so that, in only 1 hour, its full autonomy is available.

As usual in this class of wireless headphones, the Xiaomi AirDots Pro come with Bluetooth 4.2 so we can synchronize them with any iOS and Android device. And beware, with your touch panel we can answer calls or activate a voice assistant to get the most out of this interesting gadget.

Of course, there is a great but that has significantly weighed the user experience: when playing any content on video platforms on demand, such as Netflix or HBO, the Xiaomi AirDots Pro wireless headphones suffer a delay that completely hampers the display of contents It is not a problem if you are going to use them to listen to music, but if your idea is to use them to watch videos in this type of services, better use another solution.

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